Yin Yang, Bite my Wang…

Many of our greatest masters, teachers, and philosophers throughout recorded history have independently concluded a similar basic understanding of this reality. I’ve heard the idea repeated over and over ad nauseum, not just by respected thinkers, but by the mundane and new agey alike. The concept is rather simple — Everything is One.

So they say….

Since the Earth reality is a perspective exactly opposite to this “understanding,” it stands to reason that, though the theory may be conceptually understood, not a lot of people will experientially resonate with it. Actually, while we’re here, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone truthfully could. The very nature of this realm seems to facilitate the provision of an egoic perspective to witness a physical reality of independent objects engaged in bizarre, interactive dances with one another, random and purposeful alike.

The notion of each and every element in the universe being thrown into a soup pot together is simple enough to understand… but telling me that I am not just myself, but also the carrot, the onion, the garlic, the salt and the spoon, well… the broth starts getting tougher and tougher to swallow, especially after realizing that I am the broth as well. And, of course, I’m way too salty as always. Need more pepper, too. For the average human, a “One” experience ain’t all that common.

Now, there may be the odd case of the weird shut-in, choking on a dozen half-chewed Cheetos scarfed down too rapidly one day, who has a full-blown near death experience, finding himself momentarily lost in the rapture and bliss of oneness with the universe, before the God entity kicks his sorry ass back to Earth, but happenings of this type are definitely not the norm, and there’s really no way for Captain Cheesepuff to relate his experience to the remaining inhabitants of this world. And, on top of it all, not a lot of people would even believe him or give a shit. Not a lot of credence is given to people with orange fingers for some reason. Unfair I say, but true…

So here we are in DualityLand. So much of our understanding here comes by way of comparative experience. This ultimately leads us to words and definitions which distinguish our perceptions even further. Polarities are developed. Opposites. Here, there. Good, bad. Hot, cold. Justin Bieber, Dee Snider. You get the idea.

Ultimately, an interesting connection will be made by anyone caring to examine such situations – the opposites cannot exist independently. Labelling one facilitates a labelling of the other. The hot cannot exist without the cold. The up cannot exist without the down. The north and the south are merely distinctions we’ve made to define chosen points of a single sphere. The entire world of perception is dependent upon where we plant our asses in relation to something else.

And then the really cool thing happens – the realization that the labels are merely labels. In the grand scheme of things, they don’t mean shit. Zoom in on the elephant’s skin, and you might think the world is really rough. Back off a dozen yards, and you’ll witness a freaky beast playing in the water. Walk a mile away and take note just how small the behemoth becomes in relation to an ever expanding universe of novelty. Each step back facilitates a greater reality.

Freakin’ neato…

How far can we zoom out? I don’t think there are any limits, save one. Or should I say “One.” When you are no longer able to step beyond a self-imposed boundary or a box, you might find yourself in a unique position. If you’re a race-car fan, you might even call it pole-position. You might call it that if you’re a stripper too, but that doesn’t actually make a lick of sense. When you’ve zoomed back as far as possible to see the entirety of existence, there will only be one realization left to be made – whatever is witnessing it all is the real you.

Perhaps the entirety of creation just happens to be you. Perhaps none of it is. I really have no fucking clue. What I do know about Earthworld is that when you’re good and ready to move past the game, all you have to do is broaden your horizon. The dualities here exist because of our tight focus. Our focus facilitates the realism of the game. We get lost in it. If you ever have the opportunity to take a fictitious ride to the moon and observe a little blue sphere slowly shrinking in the distance, you might come to realize that nothing really is separate here. We indeed are one. A trillion little cells and organism comprising a miniature universe – a miniature universe which could very easily be nothing more than the teeniest cell in a much much vaster universe.

Zoom out whenever you’re ready. Or keep playing the game of rubbing the elephant’s skin for another thousand years. It’s all good. Have some fun with it all, because, one day, if you choose to pull back far enough, it might freak you the fuck out to come to the realization that you are all that is.

I love how grammatically wrong those last few words read. Think I’ll print up some t-shirts…


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