Somebody Get Me a Compass…

If you are not finding a moderate to high amount of joy or satisfaction in whatever you’re currently engaged in, or experience from week to week, then you should probably consider making some changes in your life. What the fuck is the point in spending your days stressed, angry, or miserable? Our time here is far too short, and the wonders that exist on our floating rock are infinite.

If you’re a die-hard materialist, and believe you wink out into nothingness after this ride through life, you have the greatest motivation in the world to spend each and every second doing the things you love. You should be highly motivated to stay as healthy as possible and avoid as much societal toxicity as possible to keep your one shot at existence protracted, while maintaining the highest level of cognitive ability possible.

It’s difficult for me to understand why anyone who is vehemently opposed to a notion of an afterlife would spend any significant amount of their time imposing mental stupors or physical stresses upon their bodies using any kind of numbing drug, whether it be alcohol, food, or whatever – each wasted day piled up into a mountain of remorse to ponder when the inevitable end becomes a genuine realization.

If mainstream Western world material science is so utterly convinced of our limited lifespans and expulsion to non-existence after death, why does it foster lifestyles that support anything less than the best foods, cleanest water, non-invasive or non-destructive machineries/technologies/medicines/agriculture… the list is fucking endless. How is it possible that a group of people who believe in a limited amount of existential days spends most of their time killing themselves?

If you believe consciousness carries on after the body-suit crumbles, you should be equally motivated to spend your days fearlessly following your dreams and passions. What would be the harm in failing at anything here, or making bold choices no one else has the balls to make if you know in your heart you’re an eternal being? How could fear possibly be an issue in your life if you believe consciousness to be never ending?

How the fuck have we been convinced to lock ourselves into any number of mindless daily routines that keep us just barely chugging along our slow paths of decay, which, more often than not, lead to a regret of things left undone or unresolved?

The time is now to get our shit together.

Whether you succeed at something or fail miserably at it, the process of making effort towards personal growth is where happiness will ultimately lie. Doing the same shit day in day out is the key ingredient in our society’s misery recipe, hence the numbings and self-poisonings and terribly high state of apathy.

Now before anyone gets all pissy about me sounding negative, I want to be clear that this is the furthest sentiment behind the intention of this writing. Shitty situations will never get resolved by ignoring the unpleasant realities that exist in our world. Happy thoughts are fine and dandy, but they will do little to correct a problem by ignoring it. The shadow is created by the light, and both must be acknowledged and embraced for any soul to evolve.

We need to start looking at the world from as many different perspectives as possible – to keep an open mind at all times to the things we think we know, don’t know, believe, don’t believe, or haven’t even considered.

If you find yourself in a state of discomfort when someone uses the word fuck in a fucking sentence an excessive amount of fucking times, then perhaps best for you to no longer engage in something causing you distress. Or perhaps you may come to a realization that words can be used just as playfully as they can hurtfully. Maybe “fuck” isn’t the morally reprehensible, anti-christ of a word you’ve been taught to believe as a child. Maybe, just maybe, swearing can be used in a humorous way from time to time without guaranteeing your deliverance to daily ass-fuckings by Satan himself for all eternity.

The time has come for us to drop our rigid personal belief systems and discover a better way to perceive reality. Ninety-five percent of everything science tells us to be “fact” today, will ultimately be discarded as folly in 20 years or less. If you come to realize that your unwavering “belief” is nothing more than a transient model waiting for better information to come along, you might learn to stop defending it so vehemently, opening the doors to a grander personal evolution you have not yet considered.

We’re gonna delve into some crazy shit here on BonerFruit, so I welcome you to come for a little ride with me and we’ll see if we can come up with some better ways to navigate this reality. I’ve tried the anger train. It’s shit. The boxcars are full of whiny simpletons, the sleeping quarters are uncomfortable, and the engineer has no idea why he’s in such a rush to get to a destination he’s unsure of. The misery, stress, and grief-mobiles aren’t much better. They get some piss-poor gas mileage. There are better ways to travel.

Grab your backpack, let’s do a little exploring.

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