Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect…

I prefer to deal with topics on a spiritual, philosophical, or metaphysical level, but every once in a while a little ranting needs to be done – a bit of venting is a good thing for the body, mind, and soul.

Today we’re dealing with an idiosyncrasy that seems to be universal to every supermarket lineup. The issue?¬†What the fuck is the deal with old people trying to pay for groceries? You would think that 95 years of practice handling cash would make you something of an expert on the subject. You would also think that it would cease being a surprise at some point in your life, like when you bought your first fucking gumdrop, that after your items have been tallied, that’s the cue for you to cough up some greenback.

Alas, no.

First comes the massive pause between having their last item bagged, and realizing that the cash-containing, stupid fucking zipper purse they carry isn’t in their hand – it’s buried in an even bigger stupid fucking zipper purse.

And so the old-person-paying-process begins.

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