Divide and Concur

The inspiration for this piece came to me repeatedly in a dream last night, but, because of a little laziness to put it down on paper immediately after waking, and a commitment to a shitty part-time job, I let a glorious opportunity for effortless writing slip slowly through my fingertips over the course of the day like a gentle stream of warm, pristine beach sand.

My bad. Still working on getting my shit together…

So, first thing I need to say is: Never let inspiration be sidetracked by other bullshit commitments. Your opportunity to do whatever yanks your crank should trump all other nonsense. And that’s what the majority of our lives in Western culture consists of – an endless dose of routine, bullshit guilt-factors that distract us from the true joys buried in our hearts that we will “get to” later.

But, despite putting in a 15-hour day on 4 hours sleep, and needing to play the game once again in 5 hours, inspiration still grips me tightly enough to piece together the message my dream reality was beating me over the head with.

North American society is fundamentally controlled by one of the simplest tactics used repeatedly, and effectively, by all the greatest power-mad, psycho-fucks throughout the ages. The strategy?

Divide and conquer.

The power of any collective is in the COLLECTIVE. This is just a basic equation of numbers, volume, momentum, inertia – take your pick. A single ant will not prevent a lemon from rolling downhill, but 10,000 of them will likely become a serious factor if they decide en masse that the colony needs some citrus for breakfast at the top of the mound to squeeze on their crepes.

If you want to disempower the masses, simply get them to fight amongst themselves. Get them riled up and frazzled about any nonsense under the sun to keep them from standing united. Tell them the Earth is flat, then round, then flat again. Let them argue stupidly amongst one another until the end of their days, because if they’re distracted by petty, mindless shit, they’ll never have time to question why they’ve allowed themselves to happily accept an existence of slavery.

The division of humanity has its roots in the basic conquest of our history. If we don’t know who we really are or where we came from, it’s simple enough to keep us fractured, confused, and happily living in our slave-game, comfortably numb.

If we hear stories of fantastic cultures that existed millennia ago, we are simply told those tales are myth or fantasy. If you believe in Atlanteans or any other advanced culture, you’ll probably be labeled just another nut job with an overactive imagination. When it comes to cultures who still have tangible evidence of their existence grandly sitting out in open display for the world to see, the ignorance game comes into play. Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, Vikings, whoever – one day they all just disappeared, and we have no idea what happened to them.

Yeah, right.

But, as your well respected historians, we’ll tell you all about how they lived, what their barbaric rituals and habits were, how ignorant and naive they were about worshipping silly gods or believing in magic, but that’s the extent of it. We’ll tell you everything about them except where or why they winked out of existence.

Sound odd to you? It should. Sounds a lot the winners of a war writing whatever fucking history they want you to believe. Sounds like the Ministry of Plenty letting us know our chocolate rations have been lovingly increased by minus 10 grammes.

There was no flood, there are no aliens, there is no Bigfoot, no leprechauns, no magic pixies. The media mocks these ideas to keep you rational and well-informed. Every fantasy movie Hollywood pumps out simply reinforces how fictitious these goofball ideas are. The Ministry of Truth has been doing a bang-up job.

This writing has a ridiculous amount to expound on, but I should best save it for my next book, as you likely have a less mentally engaging Netflix movie to get to. (Well, not you, but someone who’s been conditioned to only accept a message in 22 words or less, or whatever the fuck people who Twitter have the attention span for).

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, whatever that means.

The main message of my dream had to do with how we divide and conquer ourselves. Engaging in social media is very much the essence of what I’m writing about. The game has become, “Look at me! Look at how awesome and unique I am! Look how I don’t fit the mold or worry about what others think of me! I am awesome, independent, and mega-confident!”

Uhhh, right.

The Ministry of Thought has done its job exceptionally well. Be unique while fitting into a group of uniqueness. Be original by doing what you are told is original. Go against the grain by following the new grain provided. Rebel against the status quo by cutting your hair slightly differently and continuing all your daily rituals that support the status quo.

TV is not your friend. Advertising does not have your best interests at heart. Movie makers do not spend a hundred million dollars a pop to inspire you to greatness. Agendas have always been in place. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever the fuck else is out there have not been crafted and implemented to foster your spiritual growth. They exist to give you the impression that you are a free and independent entity. They exist to monitor your tendencies and habits to help mold you into an even “freer and more independent entity,” your own willful actions all logged and recorded to be used to perpetually categorize you. Suggested videos, ads, and news stories now become part of your “unique” personality, which is ultimately quite convenient, since you won’t have to exert additional energy thinking for yourself. Thanks Big Bro!

I have yet to test this out, but I’m willing to bet that an identical search using the Google Overlord, by two different accounts on two different computers, will likely yield notably different results. If true, the Google search engine would become nothing more than the machine powering the propaganda-mobile, deciding what information you’re worthy of receiving. But as long as it’s getting good gas mileage, people will keep driving it, despite the mass recall on the loose steering wheel and toxic air-freshener.

As an ultimate personal irony, if my ego wants any of these ramblings to be heard, I may have to consider some sort of  Facebook or Twitter or Dumbass campaign in order to get some traffic here. This is a tough one, since I would rather gnaw off my own balls than become part of social media culture. I like stringing words together because it amuses me – but perhaps I’m be better off lost in obscurity. If no one is able to find me or read any of this shit, then maybe who gives a fuck. My twisted enjoyment should be the thing that counts.

But then one more thought hits me… who is at the heart of my target audience? There are many people I would love to open dialogues with, but, strangely enough, the core group I should probably be talking to is the one engrossed in social media addiction. Critical thinking needs to be taught again. Balance needs to be restored when it comes to using electronics. The excitement of the world around us needs to be embraced anew – not in an Instagram picture, but firsthand, in a full-throttle blaze of passion.

I am reminded of a rather profound quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti:

“It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

It would be quite rewarding to know that no one will ever find my website because we’ve all decided together to quit the internet and our Facebook accounts to actually get in touch with the real world again.

It’s time for us to truly uncover our roots. Enough of messing with the shitty, badly pruned branches on the tree. Time to focus on who built the seed and why it grows. Time to fabricate ourselves a new construct that allows us to wake up at 5 am and say, “Holy shit, I’m fucking excited to see what happens today!”

Fuck the media, fuck the control system. Fuck the self-destruction and mindless routine. It’s time we figure this out. The day is young.

I’ll send you a smoke signal.

4 thoughts on “Divide and Concur”

  1. Your ‘decision’ about going into social media or not is very confusing when one clicks into trying to view your art…and is directed to click onto an already existing Facebook page…

    1. It served as a portfolio page when I let go of my website. If I have to whore myself on social media for a bit, so be it.

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