When Will Then be Now? ….soon…

The adventure blog will start to get some serious action in a couple months. For the moment, I’m living on my sailboat still trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing. If interested, the full backstory is in my book, Everything is Bullshit!, click the link in my Books section. Lots of other fun and stupid shit in my inaugural publication, so tell your friends, I need to fund my insanity somehow…

The new plan is to disappear from my current location come October and return the following summer to continue renovations on the boat to make it bulletproof for the ocean. Once complete, the hardcore Travel Blog will kick into mega-high gear, as the world cruising plan is still alive and well.

There’s no real travel agenda for the winter yet, save the stipulation palm trees are involved at least 93.6 percent of the time. Jackfruit and durian would be happy staples as well. I’m considering an Ayahuasca excursion to christen the journey, as I still need to badly purge some demons in my system. After that, I dunno, maybe let the Universe bounce me around to whatever beckons. I need to find some like-minded weirdos and spiritual geniuses along the way, so any thoughts or ideas, lemme know.

The journey through life thus far has been bizarre and fascinating. My eyes have been opened to strange dynamics that can’t be ignored or dismissed as folly. We live in a system of massive control, despite the bullshit we might tell ourselves. And for all the years I’ve begrudged this design, a realization has finally come over me. Personal evolution is where my happiness has always remained centred. If our world was the greatest utopia imagined, we wouldn’t have much incentive to grow or change. We wouldn’t have much reason to challenge ourselves or push our limits. If everything were perfect, we’d probably all end up seeking a game of imperfection.

And we’ve found it. We made it, we’re here. The world needs to be slightly fucked up for us to expand. A corrupt monetary and governmental structure needs to exist for us to create grander visions. Injustices need to take place to facilitate better ways to live and think.

It’s already done, so there’s really no reason to bitch or whine about it at all – but it does still need to be addressed. Only then can we move forward. Only when we fully understand where we’ve been can we make progress to where we want to go. We need to rub the sleep out of our eyes and start thinking clearly again. Tap your snooze button one last time, and let’s get our asses in gear already.

Time to express a little gratitude for all the opportunities thrown our way that allow us to become our own ever expanding concepts of fabulousity (that’s right, I just made that word up). Time to give a thumbs-up to the ignorant, power-mad overlords for providing a playground to challenge our abilities to think for ourselves and find truth in our direct experiences, not what we’re told to believe. Time for us to build newer models of joy that fill our days with purpose and meaning. Time to reinvent ourselves in our own visions, not the templates provided by the telescreen.

An important little quote by Buckminster Fuller:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Brilliant words. And as I sit here, typing on a machine crafted by slave-children working 20-hour days in China, preparing myself to share some ideas through media outlets designed to keep us docile and caged, I can’t help but laugh at my own idiocy and hypocrisy for propping up the broken system, no matter how I attempt to justify it in my mind.

Maybe time to pick up pen and paper again. Maybe time renounce paper dollars and navigate the world solely through respectful barter and the trade of energies. Maybe time to kick the overblown ego aside and spend each day in conscientious and attentive reflection. I dunno. I haven’t figured it out yet.

But that’s why the game is still fun. There are wonders to discover and adventures to be had. There are marvels in and beyond this realm that our minds have yet to imagine. The very nature of our existence in this universe awaits re-discovery. And now is the time to get moving. We can change the rules of our game whenever we’re ready, but we have to do it together.

I’m packing the Monopoly board away for the last time. I found something cooler to play, it’s called “Fuck the Rules! Re-invent Your Life in Harmony with the Greatest Joys of the World.”

Parker Brothers really needs to shorten that title, methinks…

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