Eff-ort? Eff-it!

I’m a person who puts a lot of pride in whatever I might be doing. This is not so much an egotistical, “look at how wonderful I am” kind of thing, it’s more a matter of deciding to do a kick-ass job when committing to something.

Pride might be the wrong word. The game is about self-improvement. When you push yourself to be better despite being surrounded by people who don’t give a shit, you’ll always end up a winner, even if no one else recognizes or acknowledges your awesomeness.

Issues arise when you spend too much time with people who have no desire to challenge themselves or push towards any degree of excellence. Frustration and anger begin rearing their ugly heads. Stress and grief follow closely behind. It’s easy to slide into a nasty funk when you’re plugging away at a job to make a couple bucks to pay for a crummy apartment and something to fill your belly, but not a single co-worker seems genuinely pleased or inspired to engage their toil.

Situations like these are common. But they’re only common because humans have allowed themselves to be backed into unwanted corners. People haven’t decided to stop giving a fuck because they loathe self-improvement, they’ve decided to stop giving a fuck because they’ve lost their ability to read the road signs that direct them along their highway of joy. They accept circumstances that in no way resemble their ideals. Too many times we’ve allowed ourselves to become numb and apathetic for survival’s sake. Our efforts and energies are being diluted on “I have to” instead of being funnelled into “I love to.”

So here’s the rub. Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. But it doesn’t have to be forever. There are steps that will lead you to any plateau, but the footholds are not always going to be clearly marked, or even stable for that matter. You can choose to roll with the status quo of negativity and misery in any shitty slave-job because you’ve given up on your dreams, or you can alter your perspective slightly to get you through the day.

What perspective?

Fuck it!

Let me explain.

Saying “Fuck it!” is not the same as not giving a fuck. “Fuck it!” is the expression you say to yourself when your boss doesn’t give a shit about the company, but you do. “Fuck it!” is the expression you say to yourself when you care too much about making a situation positive when everyone else wants to bitch and whine. “Fuck it!” is the means of getting away from stressing needlessly about an entanglement you need to ultimately dissolve.

What invariably follows this sentiment is a small degree of enlightenment. “Fuck it!” is not a reason to be half-assed or indifferent or broken. “Fuck it!” is the precursor to, “Time for change!”

So try one of these out for size:

“Fuck it, I’m not going to let these people get me down.”

“Fuck it, I’m not going to let this job destroy me, I’m going to use it to move forward.”

“Fuck it, I’m still gonna do my best at any given moment because I honour my word ā€” but the days of allowing myself to become emotionally twisted into ignorant games of bullshit are done -ā€” greater things beckon me!”

Guilt is not your driving force. Happiness is. You can only help others and be the best that you are when you’re joyous and secure within yourself. You will only be the best at anything when you choose to be the best at being yourself.

The easiest way to give a fuck in any situation you don’t give a fuck about is to say “Fuck it! I will use this time to inspire myself to something greater!”

So if you find yourself in a dilemma that sucks or stresses you out or pisses you off, perhaps time to say:

“Fuck it! There are better games to play! I’m not trapped, I’m not stupid, I’m no one’s bitch. I put myself in this situation, but I can change it. It might take a bit of time, but I need to move forward. And nothing will stop me, because, fuck it, I owe it to myself and everyone I love to be true to myself and offer each and everyone the real essence of why I make a difference to this wacky, fucked-up world.”

Never stop being the best you are. Always move toward your greatness. If people don’t understand, fuck it, you do.

This entire stupid blog is a testament to following passion. If no one reads any one of my words, then I have a pretty simple solution to justify my time…

Fuck it! I love this shit!

39 thoughts on “Eff-ort? Eff-it!”

  1. I think I needed to read this…Iā€™m not stuck in any situation and I have the power and intelligence to change it.

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