Your Light Shines Bright, But Stop Being So Sirius

Let’s try out a premise. Say you have the ability to manifest whatever adventure tickles your fancy. Say you can choose to experience whatever fantasy pops into your mind, and have it become reality the very next second. Say you’re all-powerful, and the entire universe you create on any whim will be your playland.

Simple enough.

But what if you play this game for a hundred years, or a thousand, or a billion? What if you play so long that when an immediate thought is received by immediate gratification you start to feel bored or disappointed? What if the security of feeling immortal or unchallenged has lost its lustre in all the freaky shit you’ve experimented with?

One solution. Create a new game.

Instead of creating a reality where you get eaten by a shark with the underlying knowledge that the shark won’t ever be able to truly harm you because you’re the entity creating the shark experience, what if you create the reality with an imposed form of amnesia which negates your knowing of whether or not you will live or die if the shark decides to chew off your testicles? What if you keep the game ongoing despite swapping wildly opposing play vehicles each time they break down or wear out? What if you play the amnesia game so long that you have absolutely no fucking clue of who you are or where you came from?

Welcome to Earth.

This game is generally accepted as “reality,” and most people consider it the only game in town. The allure of playing is the exhilaration of not knowing how things are going to ultimately unfold, facilitating a wide range of emotional possibilities when successes or failures come into play.

People take this game very seriously, which is of course the point of playing – to have a legitimate experience of every emotional nuance under the sun. To see where the fears, insecurities, joys, and triumphs eventually lead to. If you were indeed a “god” creature, the novelty of seeing eternity from infinitely different perspectives would be a definite reason to keep the game alive as long as possible. But if you ever began to see through your veil, and realized there was a chance you were just fucking with yourself, it would be time to approach the game from a slightly different angle.

So let’s talk about taking shit too seriously.

If you’re so absorbed in your personal belief structures that you are unwilling to entertain different perspectives on navigating this reality, you’ll always have limits. You’ll put a hold on new discovery and new opportunity because you’ve cried out, “I want to feel safe and secure!” You can keep doing what you’re doing, and keep believing what you want to believe, but that will ultimately keep you in the place you’ve always been. If you want to mess with the way cooler shit going on here, it’s not too tough to drop a belief system – especially when you don’t even have actual evidence most of the time for what you’ve chosen to believe beside the constant repetition of “facts” from books or the telescreen.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to piss off someone who takes themself too seriously. One or two words can put some people into such a defensive frenzy that communication becomes impossible. There are endless hordes of these types of humans who align themselves with other like-minded thinkers so they never really have to challenge one another or themselves. Their ideologies are generally accepted without question amongst one another, and their safe and secure lives roll on.

If you’re one of those people who has had glimpses beyond the veil, this becomes a tricky time in life, as decisions need to be made which people in your sphere of existence become liabilities in moving forward in order to engage in ideas and experiences the masses are not willing to consider. This is can be a dangerous time, as it’s easy to become a judgemental prick lost in a world of phony spiritual superiority. I know full well, because I’ve been that prick. You end up trading one group of like-minded conformists for another, all the while feeling smug at how advanced and wonderful you are.

Fuck that.

Insecurity will always keep you gravitating toward group-think. It’s much easier to prop yourself up with others than to go at it alone. And it takes some guts to go at it alone. But the path of the true seeker is probably one that needs to be walked in a certain amount of solitude. Not necessarily forever, but long enough that a kaleidoscope of perspective is allowed to unfold and open our minds to limitless possibility.

Everyone is on their unique path of growth, and that’s cool. But in order to move forward, the past needs to be left behind. Not forgotten or recklessly discarded, but moved to a place within that will become the stable foundation for an ever-evolving tower of wonder.

The very definition of being on a journey means you have to keep moving on. If you camp too long in one spot, it becomes easier and easier to ignore the thing that’s shouting out to you loudly beyond the next hill.

If you’re not having a certain degree of fun with it all, there’s no point in playing. The best thing we can do for the world and ourselves is relax just a tad, and stop getting way too nuts over everything idiotic thing under the sun.

The title of a book I read several years ago by Richard Carlson is the perfect way to end this piece…

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff.

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