Less ‘Traction, More Action

Too many ideas swim through my head. This usually happens at the cost of never reaching the immediate shore in sight, because a new horizon becomes reason to change course.

I’m pretty sure distraction is a concept everyone relates to. Though it might make life exciting to pursue random tributaries that give you unexpected emotional rushes, the detours become a massive hinderance to following through with the hard-core paddling that needs to be done along the main river.

With 2 new books in the process of completion, this goofy blog has become a bit of a drug to me – it’s easier to fire off a snippet in a day or two than feel mildly impotent trying to penetrate a 6-month project.

So I’m at it again tonight. This post should rightfully be part of a grander treatise, but the sentiment is something I need to acknowledge now.

I’ve touched on this in topic in my first book, Everything is Bullshit!, but daily evolution always tends to tweak the person I thought I was. I’m not married to my ideas – they serve as landmarks to uncharted waters.

So let me do my best to summarize before I go back to writing a book that will likely never sit on Amazon’s home page, nor endear my family or friends.

The law of attraction is our subject.

I used to capitalize “Law” and “Attraction,” but that just seems stupid now.

There is no law of attraction. This is a nonsensical phrase to disempower you from the greatest influence you have over this world.


Instead of a selling you an “innovative” 300-page book that tells you the true secret of a topic that’s been horse-whipped to death, I’ll sum this up for you in 200 words or less.

Consciousness exists.

We are conscious.

Thoughts exist.

We think thoughts.

Thoughts create emotion, thoughts create desire, thoughts inspire action.

Action creates reality.

Pretty simple, but I will sum this up mathematically for you, and still have a hundred words left over to discuss barnacle cleaning.

T – Thought

E – Emotion

A – Action

M – Manifestation

The law of attraction uses this formula:

T = M

Earth reality uses this formula:

T + E + A = M


T + A = M

and on occasion,

A = M

The math does not exist without Action.

If you want something, you actually have to do it. It won’t force itself upon you because you made 43 vision-boards out of old magazines. The collages are meant to inspire you to get out there and live the experience of making a dream unfold.

As much as you might enjoy siting in the dark willing the lights to turn on, you’ll spend far less mental energy to get up and flick the switch, making your goal happen that much sooner.

Ours is a dense reality. In Dreamland, thoughts might translate fairly easily into tangible stimulus, but on Earthworld, a different ruleset is in place. To make any serious headway in accomplishing our desires, we need to take physical action. If you can pick me out even one of your most revered personalities from times past who achieved any degree of greatness by doing nothing but sitting in a room and willing it to happen, I would surely love to hear about it. Ideals inspire action. Action is the ultimate creator.

When you consider you can accomplish things you don’t even want in your life, things that actually go against the thoughts you’re thinking, all because your body and hands are in motion, you’ll start to get the simplicity of manifestation.

That was 200 words. We will save the barnacle story for another time. I have more to say, but I’ll stick to my imposed limitation.

The law of attraction is fluff. Just more words twisted around in our backwards society to confuse seekers of where their true power lies.

If you need some wind for your sails, let me leave you with this.

Forget gravity, electromagnetism, and thermodynamics. I know a law that never fails, and it’s a simple one.

The Law of Action.

When you do something, whether grandiose or idiotic, you will see a result. Every time. Guaranteed.

You really want something?

Do it.

4 thoughts on “Less ‘Traction, More Action”

  1. I want a beer and not an organic gluten free pussy beer made at some hipster douche bag micro brewery. I’m walking over to the fridge right now to get one. Got it! Now I’m gulping it down. BTW, the world is gonna end soon, better take action.

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