If You’re Awesome and You Know It, Clap Your Hands….

It’s been a little too long since a blog post, but sometimes shit comes up.

Distraction isn’t the issue here. My passion is sound. I write everyday. But I can’t always direct that energy into my goofy website. There are always bigger fish to fry, and my pans are a little too small at the moment to accommodate the whoppers that bite my lures.

I’m at a crossroads right now of choosing to make up a random thousand word essay, or just share a bit of a teaser with you…

Maybe I’ll go for the essay.

This reality is pretty fucking fake. We don’t realize this because we’re entirely absorbed in it. When you discover the ability to step outside yourself and allow an honest perspective, you may just come to the understanding that all the shit you stress out about doesn’t really mean a fucking thing. It all works out in the end. How can it not? All we truly own is our present moment, and no matter how bad shit goes sometimes, whenever we get into a happy state of mind, we usually end up telling ourselves, and the masses, that we wouldn’t trade our lot in life for anything, no matter how unexpected or unplanned our current situations have manifested.

Perhaps this might be an overly complicated way to say that we should just have fun with everything. For all the times you’ve fixated your energies on procuring comfort and security for the future, the only way to ever achieve true peace is to live it – right here, right now. The future is worthless. Living the way you want to live at any given time is the holistic procedure to deal with a future that cannot be known.

The cool thing to take away from this minor rant is that you can always change your mind about anything at any given moment. I don’t say this to encourage being a waffling, flip-flop artist who can’t make a commitment, I mention this to emphasize your inherent power and freedom. We’ve all made decisions that, upon reflection, sucked some serious ass, but no matter how deeply we’ve plunged into our waters, the surface is never too far away to rise up to. Once there, even though some ugly currents may appear, we can tread back to the shore we dove from and try something different. If a call to the coast guard is necessary for help, so be it, your tax dollars pay for their fucking boat anyway.

The ability to choose is the greatest asset listed on your resume.

I think I may exercise that skill right now – instead of continuing on with another 400 words, I’ll tell you my true reason for not writing a blog post sooner.

I’ve been cooking up a little straight-to-the-point book that has consumed a good part of my creative days. I’m close to finishing, but I still need another week or two. It probably won’t be more than 50 pages long, but if I sell it to you for a buck, something you can read on the toilet before your feet go numb, I’ll feel vindicated.

The name of the book?

How to be Awesome!

What else would it be?

Stick around, the fun is ramping up.

What's on your mind?