They’ll Let Anyone Write a Book…

It’s official, more stupidity now exists in the universe! If you were looking for one more reason to justify having no respect for my foul-mouthed ideas and mocking self-superiority, this book is for you! The small bits of honest insight were mostly accidental, so don’t judge me too harshly on them.

The digital version is still slowly disseminating through the microchips of our virtual world, but it will be available at all the major outlets within the week, if not right now. Canadian distributors should be carrying it for a dollar. It’s a short read, but the perfect bang for your buck!

Print book available at Amazon. The minuscule profit crumbs they leave me with after a sale will get donated to starving children in Canada. Luckily, because of my immaturity, I qualify to receive those funds.

You can cut out the middle man and buy a signed print copy directly from me, complete with unique personalized wisdom scribbled on the inside cover. Message me if interested. At 10 bucks, it’s a steal!

I’ll figure out a way to sell shit directly here at some point. For now, let’s do our best to keep the gouging tentacles of Amazon as full as possible.

There’s more crazy shit in the works, thanks for all the support!

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