Eat Me!

Let’s chat about our reality.

The current scientific dogma tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Einstein’s formula postulates that a small amount of matter is equal to an insanely tremendous amount of energy. If you consider we are all made of matter, why exactly are we ever in need of food to replenish ourselves?

Let’s start simply.

What is “energy?”

It’s a made up word to describe an effect. Any definition you come across about energy will tell you what it does, but not what it is. If I tell you a donkey is a unique, four-legged, furry, hoofed mammal that belongs to the horse family, despite not having a picture available, you might be able to construct a rudimentary image of one in your mind. If I tell you a donkey is an animal that has the capacity to pull 32 – 75 newtons of force, you might find yourself confused. If I tell you a donkey describes the strength and vitality required for sustained physical activity, with power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, you might consider I have no fucking clue what a donkey is.

Welcome to the definitions of science.

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