Eat Me!

Let’s chat about our reality.

The current scientific dogma tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Einstein’s formula postulates that a small amount of matter is equal to an insanely tremendous amount of energy. If you consider we are all made of matter, why exactly are we ever in need of food to replenish ourselves?

Let’s start simply.

What is “energy?”

It’s a made up word to describe an effect. Any definition you come across about energy will tell you what it does, but not what it is. If I tell you a donkey is a unique, four-legged, furry, hoofed mammal that belongs to the horse family, despite not having a picture available, you might be able to construct a rudimentary image of one in your mind. If I tell you a donkey is an animal that has the capacity to pull 32 – 75 newtons of force, you might find yourself confused. If I tell you a donkey describes the strength and vitality required for sustained physical activity, with power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, you might consider I have no fucking clue what a donkey is.

Welcome to the definitions of science.

This is a branch of human understanding that focuses on effects, but not meaning. It focuses on symptoms, but not cause. It only asks the questions it can measure, but never asks the questions that count – dismissing anything unquantifiable with prejudice.

So what is energy?

I dunno. What is gravity? They dunno that either. How did life in the universe start? The Big Bang, of course. What was the genesis of the dense ball of matter that exploded into the universe creating our conscious existence? Science ain’t touching that.

Here’s our dilemma in current society – there has been a hostile divorce between the spiritual and the physical. In our day and age, “spirituality” is just another loaded term that keeps us confused, so let’s just say call it a search for truth – a search for the underlying essence that crafted the uncaring, mechanistic universe science loves to describe. The custody battle for meaning and purpose will carry on until philosophy and science make peace with one another, and open a proper dialogue, without any bloodsucking lawyers present.

We exist, we are here, and that’s mind-blowing unto itself, even if everyone takes it for granted. But if we keep accepting what “experts” have to say about our reality without staunch response to the stupidities offered as “fact,” and discard our abilities to think independently without quoting what has been “scientifically proven,” we might just continue finding ourselves in the awkward and confusing messes we call our lives.

Back to the food thing I mentioned at the beginning.

It’s seems stunning to me that after all these years of so-called evolution, we still haven’t the foggiest clue of what the ideal human diet should consist of. For every person telling you raw foods saved their lives, you’ll find another telling you how raw foods almost destroyed them. For every nutritional expert telling you to eat grains three times a day for ultimate health, you’ll have another telling you to never touch the stuff again if you value a functional digestive system.

To make matters worse, food is no longer eaten solely for sustenance. It’s become just another form of entertainment, with billions of dollars pumped into an industry selling us an unlimited range of crunchy, sweet, spicy, and savoury abominations filled with ingredients that would put a chemical weapons factory to shame. The stuff that still resembles food has been mostly grown in overworked and nutrient deficient soils, pumped up by chemical fertilizers that make everything big and shiny, and sprayed with generous amounts of poisons to ward off any vermin that might interfere with profit margins. These toxins cannot be simply washed off, as the media would have you believe. They become an integral part of whatever’s been grown, as the residues continually get sucked into the plants from the root system.

Sometimes there are noticeable effects on our bodies and minds when we consume heavily processed foods for consistent and lengthy periods. Other times, the ramifications don’t seem evident at all – the slow poisoning of our bodies only becomes reality when the toxins manifest in any number of unpredictable ways, and no connection is made by the person believing they were “healthy as a horse until the cancer struck.” The “diseases” plaguing our culture are not nearly often enough connected to what we put in our bodies.

Flouride is dumped in our water, and we thank the government for caring about our teeth. We substitute known carcinogens for natural sweeteners, and praise technology for providing us zero calorie treats. Pesticide is genetically spliced into plants, and we marvel at the brilliance of our loving corporations.

We’ve lost our ability to think critically about the “energy” we’re putting into our systems because we’ve become junkies to flavours, textures, and aromas. We wouldn’t for one second consider putting leaded gas into our cars, but we have no hesitation filling our stomachs with foods that make our human engines sputter and stall.

Why aren’t we able to convert small amounts of matter into limitless power for our systems? I don’t have that answer, but I’m betting there’s a lot more going on inside our bodies than what the experts pretend to know. If you can go without food for a week and feel more energetic and clear minded than eating 3 squares a day, you might stop to consider that the primary energy force sustaining the human body is not found in fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

If we want better answers to leading a happier life, we need to start asking ourselves better questions, and put less faith in the latest wisdom of some doctor on youtube. If we keep supporting unnatural systems of living, and keep blaming our health concerns on mysterious viruses and unlucky genetic dispositions, we’ll never realize that our health has always been in our own hands.

I’m still a junkie. No question there. But if I want to step up my game, it’s up to me. There are no magic pills or superfoods that are going to correct years of ignorant abuse. Shortcuts and fads are not the answer. Dedicated effort is the only way to get anything done.

But food is only one part of the equation. We’ve stopped paying attention to the substandard shit we ingest everyday because we’re not paying enough attention to who we really are, what we want to do, where we want to go, and what we want to evolve into.

We call this place reality, but my instincts keep telling me this is probably about as far away from the truth we could get.

My explorer’s hat is on – time to see what’s around the next corner.


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