Jesus Christ, I Haven’t Been Paying Attention

It’s a lot of fun to have this stupidity at my immediate disposal.

When it comes down to it, I’m pretty much just writing to myself. For the most part, no one’s reading this, and no one really cares. If anything, I’m probably offending a lot more people than I’d like to endear in my life, but that’s all part of the fun in testing the waters. Firing off a snippet here and there when I need a change of pace from writing a new book that no one will buy is always a way to get some fresh perspective.

Do I have anything relevant to say in this post?

Of course!

Or maybe not.

It all comes down to relating to people.

Such is the nature of life. I’m a reclusive introvert by nature, but you wouldn’t be reading this malarky if sharing life experience meant nothing to me. Our daily adventures always have the potential to be fascinating and wondrous, but, to me, they always seem a little more real and substantial when they can be shared with someone who cares.

Connections are what this planet is all about. Even if you choose to live in a cave and shun the mass stupidity bandied about on a daily basis, you’re still in contact with the air, the rocks under your ass, and whatever meagre grubs you ingest while chanting guttural sounds throughout your 15 hour day meditations.

So what do I need to share with you here?

Just one thing.

Life is pretty cool. I spend so much time trying to escape it that I don’t realize I should be embracing whatever fucked up moments I have left.

There’s no point sharing words and ideas with people who nod at you while their minds are busy formulating ways to buy the cheapest pair of sub-woofers on eBay. Their lack of attention is always obvious, especially when you’re in the middle of a story meaningful to you and they start checking their text messages.

I remember a line from the movie Dogma that the Chris Rock character had to share about Jesus:

He likes to listen to people talk. Christ loved to sit around a fire and listen to me and the other guys. Whenever we were going on about unimportant shit, he always had a smile on his face.

It’s possible that JC was thinking about buying new sub-woofers, but that summary resonated more to me like a description of someone who gave their utmost attention to anyone in need of relating an experience meaningful to them.

I like that.

As someone who’s been an interrupter, who’s been apathetic, and who’s been an all round jackass when it comes to empathizing with people, I can maybe see why my thoughts and ideas get ignored from time to time.

I can’t change past mistakes, but I can learn from them.

The ones who care about us most will take the time to hear what we have to say. If they don’t have that ability, maybe it’s time to find better people.

I’m not preaching to anyone. Only myself.

No one’s reading this anyway.

5 thoughts on “Jesus Christ, I Haven’t Been Paying Attention”

  1. I think everyone goes thru that most days.You can tell by the dead look in the person’s eyes ,that they’d rather tell you about their day than listen to yours…unless a bit of juicy gossip comes up and then you’ve got their full attention and it’s soooo obvious.

  2. I read and I understand. I read and I feel. I pay attention and I learn. I feel and I read more. Sorry about your bike. Fuckers

    1. Thanks for the sympathy, but your language is fucking atrocious. Clean it up you foul-mouthed fuck!

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