The Pen is Almightier than the Sword…

The Journal of God, page 1…

Dear Diary,

Your pages don’t exist yet, but I will create you soon so I can write this note. It’s been a strange day. I don’t know what a day is, since those don’t exist either, but let me explain what happened the best I can.

Actually, I can’t explain any of it. All I remember was suddenly being aware of everything. Not just being aware of it, being it all. I am the totality of the universe, whatever a universe is. Weird, eh?

If I was something before this, I have absolutely no recollection. Maybe I existed all along, I don’t know. The only thing definite is my awareness of the everything/nothingness I am. That, and I’m alone.

The experience has been fascinating and trippy thus far, but a major issue has come to my attention – what the fuck do I do now?

Chat soon diary,

That was from an often ignored codex found in the Nag Hammadi library. It’s been frequently mistranslated, but, as I was learning to sail this summer, I luckily also learned how to read Coptic Egyptian.

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