Some Things in Life Just Don’t Work…

You know what I really like about being unemployed?

Not fucking working.

It rocks.

Let me clarify a few things so you don’t judge me like I’m some dreg on society collecting government cheques – as if I give a fuck about being judged at this point, haha.

I’ve busted my ass over the years. I’ve done some of the most menial jobs imaginable, and I’ve also created a satisfying business of my own that sustained me for a decade and a half. I’ve played the game that society taught me to play, and I eventually learned how to earn plastic dollars in a manner that suited my lifestyle.

When I decided to give everything up to fuck off on a tropical quest with no intention of ever returning to Canada, several doors opened to me. The most important one I walked through made me aware that a safe and comfortable routine is unnecessary for financial security. Opportunities always arise if you need to pad your bank account to buy trinkets you think will enhance your life.

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