Hey, relax guy! Take a rest! Trust me!

The Earth is pretty wild place. Even on the most mundane of adventures, say a trip to the corner store, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a scenario rife with outlandish, freaky, or unexpected twists.

Consider the novelty in this world. Think of all the strange and wonderful things you’ve seen and done since your first sip of mother’s milk. Consider all the projects still on your to-do list, and all the imagined situations you’ll likely never get to experience first-hand because, well, there just ain’t enough time in the day. While you’re at it, add to your considerations the things you haven’t even heard about – the wonders that have never blipped on your radar because they exist beyond the fringe of the Associated Press app on your smartphone.

There’s one hell of an experiential buffet out there to feast from.

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