Gandalf’s a Hack…

There’s something about stepping into a body of warm, salty water that makes a day worth living for.

Though this Caribbean-side beach is little more than a narrow strip fronting the occasional “hotel,” abandoned property, or humble homestead, I take immense pleasure from having walked its 6 km stretch to a miniature waterfall-pond that marked the end of its briny trail.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of swimming done here by the locals. Actually, none that I’ve seen. But that’s a common product of taking environment for granted, no matter where you are in the world. It’s easy to formulate the thought, “Fuck, if I lived here, I’d be in the water everyday.” But I’m just a visitor, and if I grew up here, I’d probably be just as apathetic of this glorious gift as anyone else trying to scratch a living in town.

The fair amount of garbage lining the shore hasn’t even blipped on my outrage radar, as my thoughts are better spent soaking up an experience I may not have again for a long time, if ever. In the morning, the locals are out full-force dragging nets. The half-kilometre of waist-high waters surrounding this haven of pelican and flamingo seem to be the ideal venue for collecting fish to sell at market.

Did I mention how warm this freakin’ water is?

Though I’m nearing a point in this leg where adventure calls me to travel on, I’m revelling every second Mother Caribbeano suckles my toes, sending thanks to the Universe for one more rabbit-in-a-hat that keeps me wondrously dumbfounded to consider the grandest possibilities humanity and the Earth-realm have to offer.

God may carry the title of The Greatest Magician In Town, but there’s no need for sleight-of-hand to keep us amused. The greatest magic He’s created lies waiting just outside our front door, accessible with a simple “abracadabra,” and turn of a knob. Our miracles happen everyday. There’s no illusion or trickery, just a willingness to be part of the show, grateful for whatever conjurings unfold.

But enough of my hocus-pocus talk. Go find your own inner wizard, and see what spells give you reason to make time on this planet a magical place. I’m still Merlin’s flunkee trainee, but if I keep practicing with everyone else, perhaps someday we might become the opening acts of God’s Improv Comedy Club. 2-for-1 drinks on Fridays, so I’ve heard…

Masturbation jokes might not be your cup of tea, but God had to start somewhere. I can’t speak for you, but somewhere down the road I’ll have a stroke of genius.

Oh wait, I already burned that joke in a Daily Bread. But that’s good motivation for more crazy baking…

Catch you soon at the Monsanto Cheap Wheat Fair! Roundup candy floss is always half-priced!

Let’s bake some new fun, toxins be damned…


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