Write Here, Write Now. Oh Wait, Did I Burn That Wittiness Already?

Dumblittleman was a useful venue to explore the world of guest blogging, but after reading more of their articles, including straight-up ads written by corporate shills under the guise of blog-posts, and after their brutally inept editing of my own piece, I decided to find new stomping grounds to whore myself to. My 20-20 hindsight glasses never require a new prescription.

The situation worked out perfectly, as always, because I wrote new piece after new piece with frenzied inspiration, in order to test the waters of who had the balls to allow me an uncensored forum to share my stupidity.

After one slow-coming rejection email, and several unacknowledgments (is that even a word?), some from websites I should have realized were defunct, I received a note recently from a self-help blog interested in supporting my nonsense.

Though I hate getting my ego involved (no I don’t), hearing the words “you’re like a breath of fresh air, your articles are always welcome here,” was a definite perk to my day.

The best part is that each new essay I put together never gets constructed with compromise in mind. Basically, if websites declaring “Write for us!” aren’t interested in my shit, I have no fuck to give to modify a single word, being left with an abundance of material to share within my own pet project.

I also realize I have no limit to the amount of material I can produce. Doubling up writings, one for my site, one for another, fostered my greatest productivity to date — while still contributing to the kick-ass new book I have on the go.

Speaking of that work in progress, let’s just say, holy fuck, it’s so far beyond stupid I can’t wait to allow Amazon the chance to fuck me over on royalties yet again…

I’ve intentionally denied myself the fun of designing the new book cover and layout thus far, to keep me focussed on finishing the last few chapters, but I’m excited about this collection of madness — even if no-one buys a single damn copy. That’s what passion is about!

I’ll send out links to the new articles being posted on guest-sites as they appear, but I just wanted to do a non-Adventure Blog post to take a break from the 10,000 other thoughts begging to be typed into my trusty laptop.

Pointless side note: I’m not a big fan of corporate loyalty, but Apple makes a pretty kick-ass product. My 20-year-old Mac-tower was enough to convince me of that. I’m happy and grateful I invested the extra bucks and physical energy to lug this machine around with me in Central America (though the MacBook Air is probably the lightest and slimmest machine available in the marketplace right now — insert potential for big business kick-backs here).

That’s all for now. Just some rambling I felt like sharing.

The day is young, and I should probably get away from my introverted nature to make contact with humanity for a bit.

There’s got to be a refried black-bean vendor down the street somewhere here that has “Miguel” penciled on the side of a styrofoam take-out cup.

I’ll let you know what I find…

Some new stuff just got posted, check it out if you find yourself bored with Android Scrabble…



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