Picture This…

Well, as much as I hate to acknowledge it, the Central American adventure is winding down. But it’s been a helluva run!!

Puerto Morelos, though somewhat lame along the beachfront, has been an excellent place to write, and I love the authenticity of the local town, recessed 3 kilometres from the hard-core tourist area. I’ve gotten more work done here than a Stephen King hopped up on 2L Mountain Dew slurpees laced with caffeine. I’m still considering one last day trip to Isla Mujeres, for snorkelling and a catamaran ride — a real boat this time — to go out on a high point, before making my way back to the Cancun airport.

Every day has been an amazing learning experience, and the people I’ve met have been diversely fascinating and wonderful.

So how about a smattering of random pics just for the fun of it, and we’ll save philosophies for another day?

Yeah, thought you’d agree…

Practice Makes Imperfect

There’s nothing more frustrating in the world than trying to re-create a perfect moment. Well, maybe trying to remove the smell of cat pee from your carpet might come to mind as equally bedevilling, but that’s not the issue we’re concerned with today.

By definition, a moment exists for what it is (or was), and can’t ever be duplicated. The variables defining a slice of time are infinitely beyond control.

No matter how often you frequent a restaurant to re-live a “perfect” meal… no matter how much fastidiousness you invest in carbon-copy choices to manifest another perfect date, and without mentioning how well you repeat your hand-picked poetry and soothing tones that rewarded you with a blowjob one magical evening, those moments are gone forever — without possibility of being recaptured for the exact experience you’ve attached to bliss. Trying to emulate those unique instances will always leave a subtle element of disappointment in your heart.

As it should be.

The fun in life is to recognize those “best-ever” moments, revisit them in your mind as often as you feel necessary, but never fuck with them again. They can’t be duplicated — ever — despite your most sincere efforts.

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