Que Whora Es?

Some new guest-blogging goin’ on…

Even though my opening lines got manipulated a bit, the full article is intact, linked here. I didn’t quite get that Depends joke/title right, but oh well…

That should make up for it…

New material for BonerFruit coming up shortly, inspired by being a whore, douchebag sellout.

I still want to hit “publish” on my last 2,000-word post, summarizing the final 2 days I spent in Mexico, but the piece came across as way too self-absorbed and lame, even though there were some mega-awesome DTG moments involved.

Me? Self-absorbed? Ridiculous…

Whatever. We’re moving forward, with new stories to share about installing tubs, shattering bathroom tiles, and scooping kitty-litter yet again.

Perhaps some insight into life as well.

We’ll see.

No fucking promises, just making the game up as it happens.

Hope everyone’s well. This is mostly a one-sided conversation as always — my apologies.

You fuckers can always engage in the stupid forum link I always consider deleting. Dialogue is good.

Much better than Dying on a log.

I think that was a constipation joke/pun, I’m not sure.

I’ll stop talking.

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