I, uh, was, ca-nnected…

Our big day had finally arrived, and we eagerly looked forward to returning to a private community a half-hour away from central Playa Del Carmen, to attend the Ayahuasca ceremony Mantas invited me to.

Our ADO transport left early in the morning, and I prepared my usual carry-on baggie for bus survival — hoodie, jeans, thermal underwear, and a booklet of prayers to God.

I was pleasantly surprised as this bus featured a toilet — a toilet!!! — and monitors for movie watching. Whoa! Unexpected to say the least. Maybe I had unknowingly taken a second-class vehicle from Palenque to Playa Del Carmen when I chose the cheapest fare I could find.

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Playa Del Carmen didn’t pose much interest to me, so I spent a few days holed up in the courtyard at the hostel writing, waiting for Mantas to end his tour of duty working there. The sun never stopped shining, and I got a lot of work done.

Come Monday, we were torn between taking the ADO or a colectivo to Bacalar. There was a third possibility of catching a ride with a couple staying at the hostel, who had a friend in town headed that direction, but 3 days trying to confirm the ride proved fruitless.

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