Connecting the Dots…

We spend so much of our lives feeling like the world is against us. From jobs to relationships to procuring the necessities of survival, it often feels like we’re constantly battling turbulent waters to reach our shores of happiness.

Most of our perspectives have to do with basic conditioning — learned behaviour adopted from the womb. We’re taught words like “me.” We learn the concept of “I.” We adopt viewpoints that declare “mine, not yours.” The habits that mold our formative years very often stick with us till the day we die.

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Crystals, Jewelry, and Pendants, Oh My!

When it comes to following your passion in this world, it can be pretty tough at times to make ends meet. The lack of cash flow while starting up a new business can be pretty discouraging. Sometimes it takes years or decades to gain any traction in a venture you’re keen on, which leaves many people wondering if the hard work and endless hours are worth it, especially considering the immediate financial kick-backs of the 10,000 menial jobs out there ready for the taking.

But if you spend 60 hours a week slinging donuts and coffee at the local bistro, knowing a dream blazing in your heart is going unfulfilled, how could you possibly end up with a smile on your face when all is done and said?

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Mike’s Scratching Post

It might be a disconcerting thing to leave someone in charge of your animals, and then read a note penned by them on social media, or possibly in a deranged blog post, declaring hatred for the wards in their charge.

I could never do such a thing, as I love all creatures on this planet equally.

But let me ask you this question…

Have you ever had the urge to punch a cat in the face?

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean this as an action to literally follow through on. I’m just talking about a brief flash of imaginative possibility — wondering how satisfying it might feel to sock Mr. Mittens square in the puss.

Yes, I’m a monster, I know.

What could possibly drive an adult human to consider such ghastly violence against a loveable, helpless creature?

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