Crystals, Jewelry, and Pendants, Oh My!

When it comes to following your passion in this world, it can be pretty tough at times to make ends meet. The lack of cash flow while starting up a new business can be pretty discouraging. Sometimes it takes years or decades to gain any traction in a venture you’re keen on, which leaves many people wondering if the hard work and endless hours are worth it, especially considering the immediate financial kick-backs of the 10,000 menial jobs out there ready for the taking.

But if you spend 60 hours a week slinging donuts and coffee at the local bistro, knowing a dream blazing in your heart is going unfulfilled, how could you possibly end up with a smile on your face when all is done and said?

In the grand scheme of the Universe, we don’t have a lot of time in these bodies to accomplish all the things that keep our soul-fires burning. Yeah, our society dictates that we need a certain amount of dollars to survive with, but those efforts to accrue some basic comforts can easily be worked into a master plan of achieving personal greatness.

I know of one such person whose perseverance has finally begun sharing the rewards of dedicated passion.

Her name is Michelle Cote, and she runs a jewelry making business called Anikwe Cote Creations.

Michelle’s work is exceptional, and it gets better each time I see it.

From crystals to pendants, beads to bracelets, Michelle approaches each unique work with holistic integrity, highly knowledgable and informative of each material she uses. With an earthy, natural vibe entwined throughout her photography and website, she’s my go-to source for stunning and beautiful stones.

The last piece I bought from Michelle I call my “creative” stone. It’s a dazzling rock made from a mix of chrysocolla and malachite, with small pockets of crystal inclusions scattered throughout.

I wear it pretty much 24/7, and whenever I find myself stuck in a writing rut, I always think back to the muse hanging off my neck, and new ideas start popping my way before I know it.

Michelle also makes custom pieces upon request, like the magnetic hematite necklace she made for me. Her pricing is ridiculously fair for the endless hours and love she puts into her work.

Even if you’re skeptical of the inherent power crystals can have on the human body, the beautiful craftsmanship of Michelle’s pieces are an even better reason to have them adorn your being. If you’re not feeling the energy of an amethyst, I guarantee you’ll be feeling the energy of the smiles strangers may share, as they ask about the latest stunner Michelle crafted for you.

Your own smile is pretty powerful too.

Michelle now has her own studio in the Wasaga Beach area, and you can find her jewelry at Unity Market and The Artisan Boutique in Barrie, as well as Awaken Spiritual Store and Sanctuari in Collingwood. Michelle also attends several events and conventions per year throughout the Southern Ontario region.

Cheers, Michelle, keep up the good work!

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