Connecting the Dots…

We spend so much of our lives feeling like the world is against us. From jobs to relationships to procuring the necessities of survival, it often feels like we’re constantly battling turbulent waters to reach our shores of happiness.

Most of our perspectives have to do with basic conditioning — learned behaviour adopted from the womb. We’re taught words like “me.” We learn the concept of “I.” We adopt viewpoints that declare “mine, not yours.” The habits that mold our formative years very often stick with us till the day we die.

But perspectives are funny. They can control and cripple us into states of misery and grief, or they can unleash us into glorious new worlds of freedom. It all comes down to how we wield them.

As I’ve been doing final proofreading for Original Sin, my latest attempt to share ridiculous insight with my fellow travellers on this planet, I gleaned a multitude of sentiments that others might regard as “negative.” In fairness, it would be tough for me to disagree. But over the course of perusing the words again and again, I can’t help but feel that something magical is waiting to unfold.

Understanding the corrupt systems we live under has nothing to do with a defeatist attitude, or reasons to lash out and rebel. It has to do with education. It has to do with pulling our heads out of the sand, and not blindly accepting the insanity that’s put our fundamental existence on a knife’s edge of destruction.

I’ve dabbled in a lot of philosophical literature over the years. I read just about every book or piece of fiction I could get my hands on that had the possibility of providing new insight into greater ways for humanity to live together in harmony. I’ve explored meaning, truth, other realities, and any every bizarre, strange tangent that might offer even the slightest glimpse into the mind of god.

What I’ve learned throughout my searching, is that there comes a point where you need to let established beliefs and ideologies go by the wayside, and take hold of your own reins. As long as others think for you, there’ll never be a possibility for effectual change.

So, in a somewhat hypocritical, holier-than-thou sentiment, let me share this…

We are not independent entities struggling against an inhospitable environment. We are the inter-related molecules of a kick-ass biosphere, wandering uncharted unknowns. Each action we take affects every other element in our floating snow-globe in space. As much as our egos want to believe otherwise, we are not separate, “evolved” lifeforms forging destinies dissociated from mosquitos, bunnies, polar bears, or lawn gnomes. We are one. Every move we make affects every other element of our floating rock. Every action we partake in has a consequence. Each time we fuck someone else, we fuck ourselves.

Community is our strength. It always has been. We’re in this game together. We either envision our greatest dreams and follow through with them, or we continue agreeing that our shitty situations are beyond control, perpetuating them forever. As always, it’s our call, despite cries of impotence.

As I was considering new ways to bring more notoriety to BonerFruit, I came across a link that caught my attention — a comprehensive and categorized list of cool blogs to explore. is a content reader compiling your favourite websites in one place. The proprietor, Anuj Agarwal, corresponded with me directly, and listed my meaningless blog under his wings. And that meant something to me.

That something was connection.

Whether or not he cares about millions of dollars is irrelevant to me. Upon discovering his site, I also uncovered new doors to other travellers and potential allies who share the same passions I do — a plethora of diverse and independent writings that will keep me busy for years to come.

This post has a simple theme in mind, despite my typical verbosity:

We support each other.

And the more time I can start using my words to prop up my fellow comrades, the more I’ll uncover new inspiration for essays yet to come.

I don’t have any concrete answers to this wacky lifegame we play, but there is one thing I’m pretty sure of — something that seems to be validated time and time again, no matter what insanity rolls through my mind — we’re in this together.

So even though I’ll continue writing my stupid books laced with profanity and fart jokes, I’ll always be ready on the forefront to give someone else a boost into a turret that sees beyond the castle walls.

Why would I not?

Ultimately, their vision becomes my own — especially when they find themselves as happy to share as I am…

The game is ours, my friends.

It’s up to us to choose how we play it.

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