Heather Lock-unclear

A strange thing…

I spent 15 years of my life building a mural painting business — and far more than that engaged in fine art, design work, and general artsy projects — only to realize a horrible truth…

I’m a fucking hack. I have no clue what I’m doing.

This realization came to me when attempting to illustrate a few drawings for the next ridiculous book I plan to publish. I’m brutal at cartooning. I have no talent whatsoever. I feel like a pencil is a foreign object to me.

Those thoughts reminded me of a time I got invited to draw caricatures for an open-house at a resort I used to make signs for. I agreed, assuming I would excel at it — but the reality of the situation proved quite different…

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Writing With a Broken Pencil, Part 2

Okay, so I never did end up buying crack, and I don’t really know any drug-dealers. Whatever. Ya gotta fancy up the writin’ every once in a while with some tall tales, just for the fun of it.

I did end up doing the rest of the pointless things I said I was gonna do.

Let’s consider them for a moment — from the perspective of people in this world that always need to accomplish something, achieve a goal, or reach whatever plateau they’ve become fixated upon.

Just so you’re fairly warned, there’s the possibility of hypocritical ramble ahead, too. Deal with it…

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Writing With a Broken Pencil, Part 1

I stumbled across an important truth today that I feel might be worthy of sharing. “Truth” might be an incorrect word, as nothing seems absolute in this reality, and “stumbled” might be inaccurate as well — I more or less smacked square into this one, like a dumbass walking into a telephone pole while staring into a smartphone.

Are you ready for my big-brain insight of the day?

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What, Me Worry?

Whenever I lack focus, I find it’s best to dive into something — anything, really — and use the activity as a form of meditation… something to clear the head of heavy, undesirable thoughts that cloud over the blue skies of happiness.

I don’t know about you, but dark thoughts often seem to be looming on my horizon. And I ain’t very good at playin’ zen guru — witnessing them for what they are, and allowing ’em to blow by overhead. Nah, not me. If I’m not begrudging the very nature of their existence, I’m busy trying to dominate them, ultimately getting caught in torrential mind storms that leave me cold, bitter, and miserable.

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Fuck Society

Is it just me, or does life on Earth seem unnecessarily complicated?

I guess that depends on the word “unnecessarily.”

Let’s start there.

We’re pretty simple creatures, are we not? Aside from the big brains, we’re no different from any other animal roaming the lands — we need to breathe, we need to eat, and we obviously have a big thing for fucking. Even though we have this so-called greater reasoning capacity, supposedly giving us a major advantage over the dimwitted critters livin’ in the woods, why does it seem like their lives are far more honest, pure, and simple?

Over hundreds of centuries, we’ve crafted our civilization into a dynamic and highly complex hierarchy. We’ve built bridges and towers, learned to split the atom, and are sitting on the edge of realizing artificial intelligence as a practical reality.

Impressive shit, eh?

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