Fuck You Society

I find venting to be a healthy thing. Instead of letting emotional toxins fester in the mind, heart and soul, you let ’em loose, be done with them, then move on to find solutions. Right now I have so much scathing shit I want to pump out, I don’t know where to fucking start.

But mulling it over in my head, I realize maybe it’s pointless.

Pointless to share thoughts, pointless to try to attempt to expand people’s awareness, and maybe pointless to ever write again.

Society is fucked. The sheep on this planet are stupider than ever. If there’s anyone out there I can possibly still connect with, they ain’t readin’ any o’ the crap I have on-line or in print. I’m guessing they’re living in isolated pockets of this fucked up world, completely disconnected from the technological dissemination of lies, bullshit, and fear-mongering.

The ones plugged into the Matrix are far happier with their heads buried in the proverbial sand, perpetually comforted suckling at the teat of Big Brother and Big Pharma, happily downing the latest, free kool-aid-de-jour, subsidized by the overlords.

Independent thinking is fucking dead.

The New Age assholes who keep touting imminent advancements in planetary consciousness and awareness are fucking idiots. Earth is a conglomeration of brain-dead slugs, willingly plugged into a continual mass disinformation campaign they smugly accept as cutting-edge “truth.”

Insert bleating noise here.

People don’t want to evolve, they want to be nurtured. They want their hands held, they want their heads patted, and they want to suck on lollies — all lovingly provided by the most convenient expert/professional/authoritarian at their disposal.

This planet sucks balls. And I ain’t talkin’ about some light scrotum licking, I’m sayin’ a full-out gagging, throat-choking testicle swallow.

The fuckers shut down my restaurant today.


To avoid crowd gatherings.

So let me get this straight… with every eatery shut down, the town has no choice but to gather en-masse at the supermarket. Wow, brilliant strategy to avoid group contamination, fuckwads!

Glove-wearing assholes, hand-sanitizing douchebags, and mask-wearing motherfuckers can all eat my ass. Fuck you for giving in to media-driven paranoia.

In a time where people need comfort the most, social gatherings are banned. Gyms are closed, AA meetings are cancelled, even the fucking House of God can’t escape the cuts. Instead of nurturing one another like we’re meant to do, we’re encouraged not only to not touch one another, but self-sequester our beings until some unknown expert gives us the green-light to live again. Heaven forbid you stand within 3 feet of another human while trying to hoard toilet paper.

Apparently by shutting down business for 3 weeks, you somehow eradicate mysterious new virus strains. Fuck, we should have tried this strategy with AIDS, the flu, herpes, shingles, and whatever else seems to be plaguing us. Sounds like a fool-proof plan. That most definitely won’t destroy people’s livelihoods, only to delay spread of the most “horrific” pandemic in human history for a month (insert massively sarcastic emoticon here).


So let me just reiterate a few sentiments, to purge my system once and for all…

Fuck you planet Earth! Fuck you for giving in to the lies, deceits, and manipulations of droning talking heads mindlessly reading teleprompters. Fuck you for not standing up to the nonsensical and unnecessary closure of facilities where humans find solace sharing and interacting. Fuck you for closing the gym. Fuck you for cancelling sports. Fuck you for shutting down bars. And fuck you for cancelling church.



Now that I have that out of the way, let’s take another look at life from a more empathetic perspective…

I used to be a person completely engaged in the media. I used to take whatever they said as fact, living my days in constant turmoil and fear. And after seeing through that duplicity, I started taking reports from the “alternative” media as fact, equally living my days in constant turmoil and fear. And then, one day, I decided to cancel my cable and ditch the telescreen for good. I haven’t looked back. I’m far happier spending my days “ignorant” to the lastest fear-campaign/political strife/violence/bigotry/death-count-of-the-day, though it’s tough to escape it entirely when no one else has any other topic of conversation in mind.

I’m not trying to sound like some kind of superior, judgmental prick. I’m sayin’ I remember vividly what it was like to be fully plugged into the system, which is why I have no right to feel anger toward jag-offs continually bathing their bodies in hand-sanitizer. You don’t yell at a five-year-old shitting his pants, so I shouldn’t be raggin’ on pinheads wearing completely useless surgical masks.

We all grow at different levels. Maybe our planet will rally together one day to stand up to the subtle tyrannies keeping us in bondage, but, till then, why should I bother spending my days upset?

Worrying over shit you can’t change is as absurd as expecting a Fast and Furious sequel to win an Oscar. It’s about as stupid as walking into a KFC to ask for vegan chicken. It’s about as ridiculous as using your roommate’s socks as toilet paper, then washing them, unbeknownst to him.

Meh, this’ll blow over, just like the rest. And next time it happens in a couple years (which it will, like clockwork), maybe people won’t be so gullible to buy into the fear, especially when basic flus and sniffles will always be far greater killers than the latest nonsense bacteria foisted upon us by the media.

If you want something completely out of left-field to mull over while yer sittin’ bored in your self-imposed quarantine, check this out:

Beliefs aren’t facts. Never have been, never will be. Keep an open mind to everything, no matter how bizarre or upsetting it may be to your comfort zone. That’s how a human evolves…



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