Divide and Conquer, Part 3: Excerpt from Original Sin

There are believers, and there are disbelievers. Open-mindedness is not an option to choose from. You’re either with us, or you’re with them. Pick your side, and let the animosity unfold exactly as intended.

I won’t sit here and tell you fairies are real, because I’ve never seen one. But when I hear descriptions of half-man/half-horse creatures, and witness structures such as the Great Pyramid, knowing our best modern architects can’t come close to recreating such a monument, or even move the impossibly heavy monoliths lying half-finished in quarries, despite access to the most cutting-edge cranes devised by genius engineers, it’s easy enough for my mind to consider the possibility of advanced races existing before us, ones with an unnatural penchant for genetic engineering to create Minotaurs and Mermaids, and the skill to move rocks with sound frequency or some other “magic.” The reach is rather effortless, but you’ll never find me running around decrying “I believe in centaurs.” Unless I’ve experienced it first hand, it’s theory to me — but always worthy of unbiased investigation.

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Divide and Conquer, Part 2: Excerpt From Original Sin

Fear stimulates our animal instincts to survive at any cost, and our innate tendencies to find balance and harmony on this magical planet become repressed, forgotten, and morphed into a consumptive disregard for all other situations that might inconvenience our immediate gratifications.

We’re shitting where we eat, and no one thinks twice about it. We dump garbage and toxic waste into the waters that sustain our flesh — because it’s a quick and convenient way to flush the by-products of our unsustainable and abominable practices — then introduce a brand new plethora of chemicals into the mix to declare our taps safe again, further toxifying our already overburdened livers.

Fuck me.

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