Heroes, Shmeroes

It’s amazing how easily constant repetition conditions our herd (aka society) to accept whatever narrative the puppet masters of this planet decide to be “truth.” The media dictates that if someone wears a badge, stethoscope, or elongated hard-hat, they should forever be lauded as “heroes,” no questions asked. I’m not exactly sure what’s “above-and-beyond” about handing out a thousand-dollar fine to someone sitting on the beach reading a book, or why hiding in an unmarked pick-up truck on the side of the road to hand out speeding tickets is superhuman, but I guess I’ve always been a little confused about what society deems to be normal.

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Q & A: Messages from BonerFruit Subscribers

Amidst the ever-burgeoning fears surrounding COVID-19, the BonerFruit website has found itself inundated with queries that are beyond this moderator’s capacity to deal with on an efficient, one-on-one basis. Although BonerFruit will continue doing its best to address reader concerns during these difficult, uncertain times, the following “Frequently Asked Questions” are intended to ease the burden of personal discourse. If you do not find a relevant solution to your current dilemma within this post, please be patient awaiting direct response. BonerFruit is here for you.

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Critical Thinking 101

Although I can’t speak for anyone else, I’ve realized that allowing your daily motivations to be fed by rage doesn’t serve much of a constructive purpose.

A big shock, I know.

But don’t misunderstand me on this — I think primal, hardcore venting is conducive to almost every healing process, and should be allowed to continue for as long as necessary. But once the emotions have been fully unleashed, dwelling on what can’t be changed is an exercise in futility.

A big shock, I know.

Even though I was enmeshed in a horribly egoic hissy fit the other day, and considered shutting my website down for good, I woke this morning with a desire to punch some keys on my laptop one more time.


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CoronaRage 1-0-Fucking-1

If you thought you’ve heard angry rants in the past here on BonerFruit, well prepare yourself for something fucking extraordinary, as I’m about to set the fucking record for the fucking number of F-bombs ever recorded in a fucking 1000-word fucking essay.

Fucking why?

Because cocksucking society has lost its collective fucking mind. And even though there’s absolutely no worthwhile reason to write this post today (since realizing humanity has the aggregate IQ of a chromosome-deficient chimp huffing gas fumes while being steadily pumped with carbon monoxide via a short hose jammed straight into its hairy ass), I need to document a few things which are solely for my benefit — a dear-fucking-diary piece that I don’t give a flying fuck if anyone reads or resonates with. I don’t even fucking know what the fuck aggregate means, and guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck.

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