Step Into My Parlour…

I’m not your typical human who pins reality on faith, belief, or other intangible constructs of egoic habits that keep our meatsuits in perpetual states of ignorance and bondage.

But don’t confuse that statement with an inference I’m an arrogant, pseudo-bodhisattva who’s figured out everything Planet Insanity has to offer.

In the grand scheme of the Universe, I don’t know shit. And the real kicker is — the more I learn, the less I know. Whatta world.

In simpler terms, I’m a fucking moron — a junkie, a douchebag, an habitual asshole who wakes up each day thinking I’m one step closer to unravelling the mysteries of reality, only to have my next experience slap my sorry ass back to square one.

It’s tough finding answers wandering the streets of Planet Earth — mostly because 85 percent of its inhabitants aren’t willing, for even a fucking millisecond, to consider the wild and wacky questions an open-minded human might be asking about life, the Universe, and everything.

And that’s no surprise. Parents, elementary school education, and the fine, fine work of science and the media have eradicated most humans’ ability to think outside the box. Actually, that sentiment is somewhat inaccurate — the ability of humans to think outside the box has ever been intact, but their desire to do so has been largely decimated — trained out of existence incrementally with every moment spent staring into smartphones, tablets, and the larger than life telescreen.

Critical thinking is at an all-time low. And with the rampant censorship going on in the media — basically the muzzling of any entity questioning the “science” or efficacy of the insane decisions being made on a global level — well, things ain’t likely to get better anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-respected virologist, a tenured university professor, or a long-haired hippie doing research in Mommy’s basement — if you dare inject into social media even the smallest amount of logic, reason, quantifiable data from “respected” sources, or any other insight blasphemous to the “official story,” be prepared to have your right to free speech revoked with extreme prejudice.

Fortunately, there are absolutely no examples in the history of humanity connecting totalitarian rule, censorship, and false flag events to economic destruction, genocide, and war.
[Insert massively sarcastic emoticon graphic here]

If Facebook believes in gagging anyone who has questions concerning the cycle threshold of a test never meant to diagnose infectious disease, so be it. It all worked out in the end for Mussolini, so let Zuckerberg have his fun.

But no matter how many times I tell myself there’s no value in stressing out over the psychotic agenda of the overlords pulling our strings, I still find myself praying to Jesus every night for a massive solar flare to take down the power grid.

Don’t get me wrong here. I ain’t some miserable fuck eagerly awaiting the Apocolypse in order to advance my spiritual agenda. I like electricity. I like heat. I like long-distance communication. I like writing crazy bullshit on my laptop. But nothing would make me happier than to witness the end of the informational stranglehold the corporate, technocratic psychopaths have on the human race. Nothing would make me happier than to witness humans communicate with one another face to face again — not through fucking memes, not through fucking texts, not through fucking status updates. Nothing would make me happier than one last heartfelt conversation without a TV blaring in the background, and the interruption of multiple text summons.

I’m willing to bet if we spent the next 6 months with no access to social media, phones, newspapers, or the fucking Telescreen, we’d probably realize something profound about our towns and neighbourhoods — no one we know is sick, and no one we know is dying from invisible microbes spread by people who have absolutely no symptoms of ailment.

Humans become ill because they treat their bodies like shit. People are in hospitals because they eat garbage, they’re not active, they take poisonous drugs, and they live 24/7 in electromagnetically polluted, toxic environments. There’s a health pandemic going on alright, but it ain’t due to the fucking crown-headed graphic splayed over every digital screen on the planet — it’s caused by our lifestyles. If medical science truly gave a shit about our well-being, they’d be telling us to drop 10 pounds, stop eating processed food, go outside, breathe fresh air, hit the gym, and spend quality time with the ones we love.

Pretty sure their message is the exact opposite:

Stay home. Avoid humans. Do not go to the beach. Do not go to the park. Do not go to the gym. Wear an oxygen-depriving face covering, and stay 6 feet away from people at all times. Don’t bother implementing tried and true protocols to ramp up your immune system, just stay home on the couch and wait for us to inject you with an experimental drug that will never be as effective as the biological defence mechanism provided to you by God.

There’s a long-running joke about the 200-pound fuck who sidles up to the take-out counter at McPoison’s, to order 3 burgers, 2 large fries, 4 cherry pies, and a DIET coke.

In this day and age, you can pretty much replace diet coke with wearing a mask and gloves. If you’re not willing to alter your lifestyle away from processed food, sugary drinks, mind-numbing Hollywood movies, and a sedentary lifestyle, why in the fuck are bothering to put a mask on? A virus with a 98% recovery rate is the least of your worries.

It’s no accident the internet is known as the World Wide Web.

Because that’s exactly what it is…

… an elaborate, intricate creation of a hidden predator, looming in the shadows, patiently waiting to suck the life-force out of whatever it might ensnare.

And guess what, chief?

We’re the fucking flies.

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