Navigating the Road Ahead…

Always best to start with the basics…

In order to move forward, it’s helpful to know where you are.

And, just as importantly, to know where you’ve been. Without those fundamental perspectives, “elsewhere” is rather meaningless.

It’s also critical to embrace the physics of cause and effect — to take full responsibility for your personal actions (whether grand, minuscule, conscious or unconscious), that’ve contributed to your current lot in life.

Giving a baby a soft, sweet kiss, slapping it upside the head, or altogether ignoring its cries are all choices that have consequences. Each and every decision you’ve made trekking Planet Earth has a direct tie to the very place you stand or sit at this moment. Fully accepting that fact is, in itself, a massive evolutionary leap forward.

With that in mind, let’s begin our analysis of this messy game we seem to find ourselves entangled within, and, more importantly, come up with practical solutions that seem to be woefully absent in the polarized discourse being bandied about on a daily basis.

There’s a very simple tactic controllers and overlords have used since the dawn of recorded time. It’s effective because, once strategically executed, it propagates itself with minimal maintenance. It’s so pervasive in our world that no one even notices it in action anymore, or when new variants of it are being shamefully and blatantly implemented.

To what tactic do I refer?

Divide and Conquer

If you’re unfamiliar with that term, the following snippet sums it up rather succinctly…

The technique is childishly simple: induce upon the masses a frenzied, fearful mentality of us-versus-them — a suspiciousness of any skin-colour, culture, tradition, ritual, political affiliation, or narrative that differs from indoctrinated “correct” teachings — and, in doing so, the proles will perpetually remain at war with one another, readily eager to adopt any extreme solutions provided by an authority figure to quell the chaos. As a bonus, the infighting will easily consume the time and energy reserved for critical thought attempts to piece together the realization that the “big brains” providing solutions were the very same ones who incited the problems.

Sweet, eh?

If you’re a high priest, puppet-master, psycho-control-freak, software mogul, or wannabe king, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The Divide and Conquer strategy is tried, tested, and true, and should be your go-to methodology if world domination is on your agenda.

When the inmates are perpetually divided amongst themselves, they tend not to rebel against their guards or wardens to correct the injustices their environment doles out on a daily basis (think bloods vs. crips). And, best of all, once Divide and Conquer has been implemented, the enslaved police themselves, despite the complete absence of overlord presence (think face diapers).

If you’re addicted to consulting your “phone” for information, how many times a day you come across these buzzwords:

Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Leftist, Rightist, Extremist, Terrorist, Anti-masker, Anti-vaxxer, Fact-checker, Misinformation, Red pill, Blue pill, Coke, Pepsi, and on and on…

They’re all elements of the Divide and Conquer agenda. It’s why countries exist, it’s why religions exist, it’s why sports teams exist.

I’ve played a lot of hockey over the years. I loved the game, and, in my youth, became endeared to the professional team I thought best represented my local roots and ideologies, ultimately self-defining as a “die-hard” fan supporting their cause.

It took me 3 decades to realize that whether it’s hockey, soccer, foozball, or the nearest chapter of Brownies going head-to-head with other members of their club to sell the most cookies, competition exists for a reason — not to bring out the best of your skills and abilities, but to impress upon your mind that either you’re part of a like-minded tribe, or you’re an antagonist.

Professional sport is the perfect analogy for war/religion/politics. Each side believes they’re “the best,” each side believes God is in their corner, and each side believes dedication to the cause will eventually lead to glory.

So why does Divide and Conquer work so well?

Because of a word we just referenced 3 times in our previous paragraph: BELIEF.

And what is belief?

An amazing thing. It’s a word bandied about as carelessly as “love.”

I love my wife, I love beer. I love my kids, I love my car.

I believe in god, I believe in science. I believe in aliens, I believe we’re alone in the Universe. I believe in monogamy before marriage, I believe giving hand-jobs in high school makes you popular.

I believe, I believe, I believe…

I ain’t a big fan of that word.

If someone starts a sentence with “I believe,” you can pretty much guarantee open-mindedness won’t be part of the forthcoming conversation.

Why’s that?

Because beliefs are egoic definitions. If you rag on someone’s belief, you attack the very nature of who they think they are. And, no surprise, that pisses ‘em off.

True discourse between humans rarely happens in this day and age — not in a typical Western setting, anyway. You ever shut your mouth at the bar (when they used to be open), sit back, and listen to two people talk? It’s fucking punishing. All they do is take turns babbling about themselves, waiting for the other to trail off so they can begin again, not listening to a word the other is saying unless it relates to a story about themselves, which they grab hold of and twist into their own relevant tale.

Listening is a dead art. The name of the game is me, me, me. And in order to define me, me, me — the ego — it’s necessary to continuously expound the components that comprise me, me, me — beliefs.

Without making this too much of a semantics game, let’s point out the inherent problem with the word belief — at its simplest level, it means “I don’t really know for sure, but the model I’m using best serves my current understanding of this reality.”

That would be fine and dandy if people recognized that fact.

But they don’t. Or maybe they just don’t want to.


Again, because belief is integral to an ego-personality. To redefine a belief means redefining self, which most people are terrified to do. It’s an admission of being wrong or being stupid. It’s a declaration to friends and family: “All the shit I’ve been spouting for the last 20 years is fucking folly, so what does that say about my self-worth on this planet? Who the fuck am I???”

Beliefs are at the heart of the Divide and Conquer strategy, and they’re instilled via schools, religions, governments, and media. Parents teach their kiddies the “facts” they learned from their parents, who learned it from their parents, and each generation keeps propagating their inherited bullshit, with nary a critical thought to be had.

So how do we break through the belief trap?

By embracing a fundamental truth we can all relate to:

Direct experience

Have you ever heard a human utter any of the following phrases?

I believe in gravity.

I believe in rain.

I believe in the sun, I believe in the moon.

I believe jamming a hot poker up my ass causes irritation.

Of course not.


Because we’ve all experienced those physicalities first hand. Well, maybe not the poker thing, but we’ve all had our flesh singed at some point in our lives, allowing us to make an educated guess that red hot steel and sphincters don’t mix.

But how many of us have met God face to face? How many of us have been in orbit, or walked on the moon? How many of us lived in the Cretaceous period to know a comet wiped out megalithic reptiles, or that a highly dense amalgamation of materials, with no known origin, exploded unexpectedly 4.5 billion years ago to incite the universe?

Pretty much none I know, myself included.

But that doesn’t stop people from zealously shouting from the hilltops:

I believe in the Big Bang!

I believe in Global Warming!

I believe a sequence of genetic-coding, determined by a Polymerase Chain Reaction test using wildly inconsistent cycle thresholds, should determine my need to wear a surgical mask, rubber gloves, and stand six feet away from every human I encounter for the rest of my life, while stringently following ludicrous one-way stickers pasted to the floor of every essential business I enter!

I believe an experimental gene-therapy procedure works universally for every human on the planet (you know, like fluoride), despite the fact that no two humans react identically to a given dosage of petroleum-based medicine or synthetic drugs!

Not having direct experience to prove or disprove the information proffered is of no consequence in these situations, because the ideas are integral to defining one’s ego.

Unless you’ve experienced a thing first-hand, your “belief” is nothing more than theory. Ego-defining, bullshit theory, that should be discarded when new information is uncovered.

So why’s that so difficult for most people to understand?

Because of good ol’ science.

Science is supposed to be our unbiased tool to help us understand the reality we live in. It’s supposed to be dispassionate in observation, impartial, and objective, and should encompass all things seen and unseen.

The scientific method is simple: create an hypothesis, run an experiment, examine the results. Do the results jive with the hypothesis? Yes? Run more experiments to validate. No? Develop new hypotheses.

But if you haven’t been paying attention for the last 300 years, science ain’t about impartiality. Science doesn’t like discarding theories when a shitload of money is at stake. Science has long ago become the new global religion. If you dare question mainstream “scientific” facts, you’re nothing more than a savage, ignorant pagan, unworthy of a voice on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

The junk theories bandied about as “fact” are truly insulting to our species. Well, insulting to people who can still manage a critical thought once in a while. There are enough people out there who question things in the comfort of their home, saying, “Hmm, something about this doesn’t quite add up,” but will never introduce that dialogue in public, for the basic fear of HDS — Holocaust Denier Syndrome. That’s a media-driven condition that boils down to: “If you don’t accept the official narrative, you may be a radical, extremist, conspiracy-nutjob, or terrorist. We may even put you in jail, or fire you from upcoming episodes of the Mandalorian.”

Most people won’t question a Fox News story declaring “stress” to be a leading cause of physical ailments. Why? Because the public can relate to “scientifically proven” findings through their own direct experience: overthinking mundane shit you feel the need to impossibly control tends to leave you tired, withered, and ill.

If people can make that connection, then why isn’t the corollary feasible? If science admits negative thoughts make you sick, why don’t they acknowledge positive ones can heal?

Scientists will concede the “placebo effect” is existential, but will quickly run away from their tenured roundtables before expounding the implications of their consistent observations.

How strange.

If 35 percent of a control group is healed taking sugar pills as readily as the ones taking toxic drugs, shouldn’t that spark an incentive to throw a billion dollars toward a government-funded think-tank to understand why the effect is consistent?

Apparently not.

You won’t see too many Fox News stories about healing cancer through laughter. Why? Because it’s absurd. Everyone knows that cancer can only be treated effectively by running repeated doses of poison through the body, in the hope tumours die before a human’s will to live. It seems insane to write those words, but that’s the protocol of “advanced” medical treatment. We laugh at leech therapy, but let our loved ones go bald while being intravenously fed toxic shit, all the while ignoring the possibility that our modern diet and lifestyles are at the very heart of each and every one of our ailments.

With those thoughts in mind, let’s get to the crux of this post…


Back to the basics one more time.

Do you remember being an infant, when you couldn’t walk because your muscles and shoddy coordination just weren’t up to the task?

Perhaps not.

Do you remember wearing diapers, because toilet bowls didn’t exist on your radar?

Again, not likely.

But do you remember the Tooth Fairy? Do you remember when Santy Clause and the Easter Bunny were legitimate creatures influencing the choices in your life? Do you remember the days when you used to meticulously digest each page of a local newspaper, and shout out to anyone who’d listen: “I have the facts! I’m informed! Listen to what I’m sayin’ and agree with me, cuz if you don’t, you’re nothing more than an ignorant peon who has no grasp of reality!”

Enter Empathy

We don’t get mad at a 2-year-old for taking a dump in their pants, because we know they’re still learning. So what purpose does an attitude of condescension and outrage serve when engaging another soul who doesn’t resonate with your “enlightened” philosophy?

Empathy is the realization you once walked in another’s Value Village footwear. It’s a constant awareness that each and every human trekking this planet is in a unique state of growth and personal evolution — a journey you, yourself, are engaged in — so ease off on hackneyed platitudes you feel the need to espouse toward so-called “sheeple,” acknowledging you once grazed upon the minerally-deficient fields psychopathic shepherds led you into.

Conversely, if a mental zombie wants to get all up in yer grill for not adhering to tyrannical rules, or starts quoting CNN as proof of your ignorant, evil nature, simply smile, thank them for their insight, and walk away. Debating an imbecile is futile — all they’ll do is suck you down to their level, and beat you with experience. Mark Twain may have said that more eloquently, but whatever…

Next Solution?


Totalitarianism is the sum product of our collective acts of obedience. We propagate our own enslavement by continuously acquiescing to the increasingly nonsensical and illogical directives spouted daily by some douchebag in a mask standing behind a podium.

Absurd mandates take hold because of fear campaigns. Primarily because our society has been so traumatized psychologically and emotionally that it simply accepts whatever it’s told, and complies accordingly. Secondarily because of a constant media reminder that militarized order-followers are wandering the streets 24/7, hellbent on fining, arresting, or jailing dissidents unwilling to conform to arbitrarily defined rulesets. The sight of a half-dozen mounted police, with 30 more on foot, gathering to arrest some poor dude selling pulled-pork, is enough for most small-business owners to decide not to rock the lockdown boat.

But an important thing we all need to remember is that behind the armour, helmets, shields, TASERS and water-cannons, human beings exist. Humans with families and friends. Humans who’ll one day have to reconcile whether a paycheque and pension were justifiable reasons for standing atop the guard tower.

Empathy is once again your ace-in-the-hole to help these individuals reacquaint themselves with their humanity. No heinous act perpetrated upon another creature should be justified by the words: “I was just following orders.”

When it comes to moving forward, violence ain’t the answer. Non-compliance is.

If you want to change the world you live in, you have to change the way you live in the world. It always begins with you. And if another human is inspired by your example, perhaps they’ll follow your lead, and make their own beneficial changes to the way they live. When enough of us do that, the world as we know it will become a radically different place.

I’ve not once been chastised for wandering the planet without a piece of cloth strapped to my face. Why? Because I greet everyone with a happy hello and ear to ear smile. That instantly defuses most of the automatic admonishments of, “Sir, you need to wear a mask to be in here,” to the point they simply ignore my non-adherence to an asinine rule, and let me purchase my worthless baubles without incident. As well (in my arrogant mind), I imagine it reminds them of what it was like to actually see another human’s face in their place of business, perhaps instilling within their brain, “Hey, this freak is wandering about fearless and free, what’s to stop me from doing the same? What’s to stop me from implementing a mask-optional policy in my business?”

Every act of non-compliance to government-imposed fascism (rules in direct contradiction of Natural Law) is a spiritual win, no matter how small the act.

So what makes non-compliance possible?


It’s always at your disposal, whether you realize or not. Solutions exist for every injustice sold to you by the puppet-masters. If a big-box store refuses you access because you choose not to asphyxiate yourself with a face-diaper, there’s a little market somewhere down the road ready to welcome you with open arms.

You’re not alone.

Like-minded allies always exist, but you’ll have to make an effort to find them.

Insidiously, choice is also the narrative being sold to you at this very moment, under the guise of: “We will never force you to undergo a medical procedure you’re uncomfortable with, but if you want to play in our society, you’ll need to follow ever-morphing safety rules we make up day-to-day. Vaccine passports will never be implemented in our land of the free, but we may need to someday incorporate “health-screening-apps” to keep us all safe from new plagues or possible domestic terror attacks*”

(*see China)

Are you getting this? The new game on the table is to make it so horribly inconvenient for you to live a normal life that you’ll agree to any absurd decree provided by an authoritarian figure — only to have them tell you in their next breath your latest efforts weren’t quite enough, and newer, more draconian measures need be imposed, all in the name of your safety and well being.

The cycle will continue forever until you choose to break it.

On that note, let’s end with a couple final thoughts…

Life on Planet Insanity is a journey of growth and expansion. The greatest forward stride you’ll make entails the realization you’ve been manipulated your entire life by psychopaths who DO NOT HAVE your best interests at heart.

Poison food, poison water, poison air, poison drugs, poison information… are these the gifts of benevolent caretakers, or the calling cards of deviants who want to control your body, mind, and soul?

Time to start thinking for yourself again.

Time to start questioning everything you’ve blindly accepted as fact.

If you have the cojones to begin that process, there’s a good chance you may discover most of the things you’ve endeared as “true” to be nothing more than contrived constructs that rightfully belong in the nearest metaphysical dumpster.

But don’t let that unsettle you. Purging your hard drive of corrupt code frees up space in your machine to absorb new information — opportunities to download new insight using an open-minded approach that once again engages your creativity and imagination.

There’s a road sign up ahead in the distance, but it’s gonna take a bit of effort to get there. If you squint just right, you may be able to make out the single word written upon it…


What's on your mind?