Sink, Swim, or Float — Your call, Fuckface!

I remember sitting on my girlfriend’s couch 8 years ago, having a discussion with her about what options were left to live as freely as possible in this insane asylum we lovingly refer to as Planet Earth. As prisoners in an open-air pen that we call our “country,” how could we skirt the system — to slip under the radar, and fully explore our god-given autonomy?

It wasn’t long before a realization occurred…

The fucking sea! The last true Wild West humans can still exploit if they have the balls to push a frontier of exploration.

We ended up bookmarking a bunch of sailboats for sale (sail, haha) that day, fully aware we neither had the resources nor skills to bring the idea to fruition.

But the idea stuck.

So without rehashing the journey I’ve blogged about in this ridiculous site I call BonerFruit, let’s just get to the nitty-gritty of why I’m writing this…

The S.S. BonerFruit is on the water! And I fucking love it!

You want some insight into how to live free and happy?

Simple, bitches… follow your fucking heart, and enjoy each trial and tribulation that unfolds. Immediate gratification is a lie sold to you by the fucking puppet-masters. If you want to make any headway in your grand scheme of happiness, you need to go all-in, and dedicate your time to the shit that rocks your world, no matter how long it takes.

Sure, it’s true I still have no clue what I’m doing, but I giveth not a fuck.

You wanna know what I’ve learned? Every day you practice your craft leads you one day closer to mastering your passion. You can sit on your shitty couch and watch Netflix all night cuz you “had a bad day,” or “felt stressed,” only to wake up to whine to your idiot co-workers in the morning about how life is unfair, burdensome, and stacked against you, or you can just get over your bullshit fears and live each moment to the fullest, hellbent on climbing whatever mountain screams to you the loudest.

Am I gonna die crossing an ocean? Probably. But there’s no way to know till I try.

Perhaps that’s a fitting sentiment to end this post…

How do you want to spend the rest of your time on this planet?

In fear of death?

Or in fear of life?

Suck on that one for a bit, I’m going to bed.

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