Technology: The AssLicking Science of Reality

WordPress seems to be fucking with me at the moment, but that’s my own fault for not learning HTML properly, and relying on cookie-cutter templates to disseminate my insane, subversive thoughts.

If your Daily Breads look weird as of late, that’s because of some bullshit update that’s been foisted upon me before I could figure out how to correct the “wisdom” of the aesthetics dictated by a control system that “knows” better than I do how the public should perceive fonts and messages received instantaneously to their smarty-pants “phones.*”

[*See Big Pharma/ i-Phone Disclaimer — Never use a phone to phone people]

I don’t enjoy having my graphic layouts usurped by corporate douchebags who get paid to live socially-distanced in Mommy’s basement while they write politically correct code to appease their financial masters, but, I’d be ignorant to suggest that any form of my digital presence on the Etherweb would be immune to eventual manipulation. Insert a massive “Duh, Mikey!” retort here.

It won’t be long before some fake bullshit solar flare takes down the grid, or some equally asinine Russian EMP, fake nuclear bomb, or cyber-attack leaves us without digital dollars in our bank accounts — with no WalMart surplus food, and no fake dinosaur oil — while we freak out because we can’t log into Facebook to update our latest “I identify with donkey!” status. But, sadly, that’s pretty much where we’re at in this belief-driven insane asylum.

I tell myself I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago, but that’s a lie.

I care about sharing ideas. I care about people. I care about expounding upon whacked-out theories with random freaky weirdos I meet in a bar who can look past their childhood indoctrinations, and engage in a legitimate dialogue without introducing their deep-rooted traumas as a crutch to disregard the unfathomable.*

[*See the 9th Version of NewSpeak: Double Plus Good!]

If you can’t say what you wanna say, without everyone losing their shit because it doesn’t fit into the current narrative, then maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with our existence here. Or perhaps that just makes me the black sheep of humanity. Why is it so rare to hear another human genuinely say, “Holy shit, I never thought of it that way before!*”

[*See: Pickles; Foreward; Plagarism]

I wish I had the ultimate answers to share, but I don’t. This reality is fucked up. But instead of making excuses that your Higher self has greater plans for you, or you’re in a Fifth Dimensional training school that’s given you an egoticstical edge to trade up from the morons interacting with you, might I humbly suggest this idea?

Fuck you