Enter Title HEAR!

Like everyone, I grew up completely naive and stupid, putting 100% of my trust into the wisdom of the authority figures I assumed would nurture the unknown path that lay before me.

Why would I not?

But after 50 fucking years wandering the back alleys of this insane asylum, it completely confuzzles my brain to witness humanity repeatedly stepping up to the buffet of the latest turd-de-jour, and actually fight with one another for the last shit-burger sitting in the steam well.

Last call, motherfuckers!

Everything I once accepted as “true” has turned out to be a lie. And my personal experiences don’t differ wildly from Joe Average. So why the fuck do we keep putting unwavering faith in a system of misery, corruption, violence, manipulation, and grass-fed bullshit?

It’s not because we’re stupid. I encounter brilliant minds on a daily basis. No, our compliance comes down to a lifetime of systematically instilled traumas. All by design, of course. We are dupes and stooges of an unseen cabal that’s been pulling our strings from day one.

Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Trump, Biden, Leafs, Habs, Nazis, Jews, Science, Religion, blah blah blah blah fucking blah.

It’s always the same game of Divide and Conquer. Always Us vs Them. Always “My Beliefs” vs “Your Beliefs.” The controllers found their winning formula a millennia or more ago, and have no reason to fuck with a strategy that continues to serve their agenda of absolute, draconian, power-mad, pedophiliac, loosh-generating control.

I just got my third booster yesterday. You know why? Cuz it’s SAFE AND FUCKING EFFECTIVE! I have 42 Ukrainian flags hanging off my electric car, and I stopped cheering for Russian tennis champs because they’re fucking evil.

I hate thinking for myself. It’s far too challenging. I want my government to enact policies that keep me safe, keep me secure, and keep me swiping maniacally left, right, up, or down on my smart-phone. I just need someone who cares about me, and keeps me safe. Yes, I want my body scanned with an X-ray machine before I board a plane, because terrorists are everywhere! Yes, I want to quarantine for 14 days each time I cross an imaginary line, so I stay healthy! Yes, I want to ingest poison pills and endure experimental intravenous injections so I can carry on with the shitty slave job I have that funds the Amazon Prime products that make my life worth living!

If I had a point to this post, I don’t remember what the fuck it was.

So let me leave you with this quote. Not sure on the source, but I have zero fucks given about proprietary lawsuits:

What is hope? Belief in a favourable future that may diminish the likelihood you’ll take action to ensure that the favourable future becomes reality.

Take hope and shove it up your ass. You wanna live free? Take everything you think you’ve ever known or believed, and flush the filthy mess from your filthy fucking bowels down your filthy fucking toilet.

Start anew with an open-mind that doesn’t include “belief” in your dictionary.

Also, let’s go do drugs. DM me for an address.

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