In the beginning was the Word.

And the Word was GOOD!

5-years later, there were a lot of words.
And some were better than others.

These are those words…


Book summary: Rectangular in shape, filled with words.
Some words arranged into clever sentences, others not so much.
Read at your own risk.
[No animals were harmed in the making of this book. Several trees were.]


Hmm, what’s the best way to describe this book? I dunno, it’s tough — a mix of philosophy, humour, poorly rendered artwork, and some much needed venom directed toward the corrupt and controlling overlords destroying our ability to enjoy what little precious time we have on this Earth. You’ll most likely either love or hate the content in this magnum opus, but all I ask is you dive in with an open mind, and see if you can find a snippet of wisdom to improve your lot in life. Who knows, you may even end up hiring me one day to draw caricatures at your kid’s birthday party. Either that, or you’ll send me hate mail for not being able to get your shipping and handling charges refunded for ordering this book. Time will tell. Till then, listen to what your heart says… buy or do not buy, there is no try!


If you’re ready to make some serious changes in your life, you’ve come to the right place. This little pocketbook will be your handy travel companion for years to come – not only because it’s filled with straightforward tips and advice that will lead you into the realm of awesomeness, it also serves as a stylish and effective fly swatter. Dive in, and start learning how to be awesome! At the very least, you’ll have less flies in your house.


Navigating reality is tricky business when we never seem to be able to get a straightforward answer to the questions that matter most. If you’ve grown weary of mucking through the BS, and seek a deeper understanding of the greater mysteries of the Universe, this book is for you! A no-holds-barred analysis of a wide range of topics that most affect your life. Practical insight to help you get through each day without the urge to chug a pint glass of bleach. The perfect balance of inspiration and indignation. Wholesome and offensive writing. Undoubtedly the greatest spiritual treatise ever written!