Chill The Fuck Out, Yer Gonna Be Dead Soon…

When there’s nothing left to say, that’s usually the best time to say it…

If you wanna spend the remainder of your existence in this reality adhering to idiotic theories, junk science, religious models, contrived history, or whatever bullshit-de-jour your government is selling you, then that’s your call.

But if you want to spend your final days on this planet actually living in a manner that emulates some kind of harmonious calling within your heart, something that makes this insanity tolerable, then that’s your call too.

Either way, you’re fucked.

This “reality”  is the penultimate experience of decay, misery, stress and suffering, all the while tempting you with golden, gleaming paths of love, harmony, and hope, which never quite seem to manifest.

And all roads unfailingly lead to an unceremonious struggle to gulp at least one more breath before succumbing to the ultimate inevitable.

But therein lies the Truth.

Choice is the only real deal.

So whatcha wanna do?

Clip fucking coupons to save a couple bucks at WalMart, or climb the highest perilous fucking metaphorical mountain beckoning you, knowing — live or die — I’M FINALLY FULLY FUCKING ALIVE!!

The fucking Smartphone’s always ringing.

Figure out which unknown number you wanna answer…

Enter Title HEAR!

Like everyone, I grew up completely naive and stupid, putting 100% of my trust into the wisdom of the authority figures I assumed would nurture the unknown path that lay before me.

Why would I not?

But after 50 fucking years wandering the back alleys of this insane asylum, it completely confuzzles my brain to witness humanity repeatedly stepping up to the buffet of the latest turd-de-jour, and actually fight with one another for the last shit-burger sitting in the steam well.

Last call, motherfuckers!

Everything I once accepted as “true” has turned out to be a lie. And my personal experiences don’t differ wildly from Joe Average. So why the fuck do we keep putting unwavering faith in a system of misery, corruption, violence, manipulation, and grass-fed bullshit?

It’s not because we’re stupid. I encounter brilliant minds on a daily basis. No, our compliance comes down to a lifetime of systematically instilled traumas. All by design, of course. We are dupes and stooges of an unseen cabal that’s been pulling our strings from day one.

Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Trump, Biden, Leafs, Habs, Nazis, Jews, Science, Religion, blah blah blah blah fucking blah.

It’s always the same game of Divide and Conquer. Always Us vs Them. Always “My Beliefs” vs “Your Beliefs.” The controllers found their winning formula a millennia or more ago, and have no reason to fuck with a strategy that continues to serve their agenda of absolute, draconian, power-mad, pedophiliac, loosh-generating control.

I just got my third booster yesterday. You know why? Cuz it’s SAFE AND FUCKING EFFECTIVE! I have 42 Ukrainian flags hanging off my electric car, and I stopped cheering for Russian tennis champs because they’re fucking evil.

I hate thinking for myself. It’s far too challenging. I want my government to enact policies that keep me safe, keep me secure, and keep me swiping maniacally left, right, up, or down on my smart-phone. I just need someone who cares about me, and keeps me safe. Yes, I want my body scanned with an X-ray machine before I board a plane, because terrorists are everywhere! Yes, I want to quarantine for 14 days each time I cross an imaginary line, so I stay healthy! Yes, I want to ingest poison pills and endure experimental intravenous injections so I can carry on with the shitty slave job I have that funds the Amazon Prime products that make my life worth living!

If I had a point to this post, I don’t remember what the fuck it was.

So let me leave you with this quote. Not sure on the source, but I have zero fucks given about proprietary lawsuits:

What is hope? Belief in a favourable future that may diminish the likelihood you’ll take action to ensure that the favourable future becomes reality.

Take hope and shove it up your ass. You wanna live free? Take everything you think you’ve ever known or believed, and flush the filthy mess from your filthy fucking bowels down your filthy fucking toilet.

Start anew with an open-mind that doesn’t include “belief” in your dictionary.

Also, let’s go do drugs. DM me for an address.

Technology: The AssLicking Science of Reality

WordPress seems to be fucking with me at the moment, but that’s my own fault for not learning HTML properly, and relying on cookie-cutter templates to disseminate my insane, subversive thoughts.

If your Daily Breads look weird as of late, that’s because of some bullshit update that’s been foisted upon me before I could figure out how to correct the “wisdom” of the aesthetics dictated by a control system that “knows” better than I do how the public should perceive fonts and messages received instantaneously to their smarty-pants “phones.*”

[*See Big Pharma/ i-Phone Disclaimer — Never use a phone to phone people]

I don’t enjoy having my graphic layouts usurped by corporate douchebags who get paid to live socially-distanced in Mommy’s basement while they write politically correct code to appease their financial masters, but, I’d be ignorant to suggest that any form of my digital presence on the Etherweb would be immune to eventual manipulation. Insert a massive “Duh, Mikey!” retort here.

It won’t be long before some fake bullshit solar flare takes down the grid, or some equally asinine Russian EMP, fake nuclear bomb, or cyber-attack leaves us without digital dollars in our bank accounts — with no WalMart surplus food, and no fake dinosaur oil — while we freak out because we can’t log into Facebook to update our latest “I identify with donkey!” status. But, sadly, that’s pretty much where we’re at in this belief-driven insane asylum.

I tell myself I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago, but that’s a lie.

I care about sharing ideas. I care about people. I care about expounding upon whacked-out theories with random freaky weirdos I meet in a bar who can look past their childhood indoctrinations, and engage in a legitimate dialogue without introducing their deep-rooted traumas as a crutch to disregard the unfathomable.*

[*See the 9th Version of NewSpeak: Double Plus Good!]

If you can’t say what you wanna say, without everyone losing their shit because it doesn’t fit into the current narrative, then maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with our existence here. Or perhaps that just makes me the black sheep of humanity. Why is it so rare to hear another human genuinely say, “Holy shit, I never thought of it that way before!*”

[*See: Pickles; Foreward; Plagarism]

I wish I had the ultimate answers to share, but I don’t. This reality is fucked up. But instead of making excuses that your Higher self has greater plans for you, or you’re in a Fifth Dimensional training school that’s given you an egoticstical edge to trade up from the morons interacting with you, might I humbly suggest this idea?

Fuck you

Enter Title Here, Asshole!

At this very moment, I have about a thousand half-finished blog posts, most of them starting with: “Sorry, it’s been WAAAAY too long between posts! I’ve been busy writing new books and working on my boat!”

What a load of shit.

The truth? I get excited about a new piece, write 90% to completion, then pass out before I hit the PUBLISH button, only to wake in the morning, sober up, and realize the stupidity on my mind wasn’t quite up to my “noble” ideal of empowering humanity.

But today things are different!

As I’m having beer for breakfast, trying to figure out just what the fuck is going on in this insane asylum we call Planet Earth, my feeble brain fired its last remaining synapse to connect some new dots that’ve been confuzzling my non-local mind for some time.

[insert holier-than-thou emoticon here]

I guess it comes down to an admission of being completely fucking retarded, and apologizing to the masses that whatever bullshit I was espousing is, once again, completely fucking wrong.

But that’s what personal evolution is all about, right?

[insert holier-than-thou emoticon here]

As I was re-reading some snippets of my last monologue (pronounced BOOK), I stumbled across praise for Duck Duck Go as the “GO-TO” search engine, capable of disempowering the Google overlords.

What a fucking joke.

We’re not gonna do a history lesson here on why or how the Etherweb was created and instilled in our lives, but I’ll share a story with you…

There was a time in my youth when I was engrossed in a meaningless endeavour to study “engineering” at the University of Toronto. That’s when I first came across ‘the Web,’ long before AOL ever announced the phrase, “You’ve got porn!”

Some dude walked up to me in our “computer” class, and suggested I could find information about whatever the fuck I wanted if I understood coding. I spent 5 years telling people that “.ca” meant I learned free information about guitar chords from California.

Fuck me. Poor, Stupid me.

Did I have a point to this story? Oh yeah, sorry, still drinking…

Back in the day, the Etherweb was the wild wild west. You could search whatever the fuck you wanted, and get ideas to blow your fucking mind. A dedicated search on Google would give you whatever free movie you wanted to watch, along with ideas on how to kill a hooker and bury her body without fear of leaving DNA evidence to link you to the crime.

Not so much now.

The Interweb is a data-mining tool.. insidiously crafted to suck the bizarre thoughts that exist in your brain to create algorithms to lull you into a deep state of control.

[See TikTok]

What was my point again?

Oh yeah, the motherfuckers at Duck Duck Go.

It was completely legit at some point, like Google, to suck you into the information age, but I’ll tell you what that search engine is all about these days…

Total fucking control.

Have you ever tried to use a search query on Amazon?

Same shit.

The “search words” you use don’t mean fuck all. The algorithms just pump out whatever THEY think you should buy/learn/need, irrelevant of your specificity.

[Specificity? See Inception]

I’m ashamed to share with you that I have links to Instagram and Facebook. I justify my technocratic bondage under the guise of selling books and promoting the BonerFruit website.

[insert hypocrisy emoticon here]

So let’s finally get to the point. The last time I researched electronics and hardware for my boat, through a Duck Duck Go search, it didn’t take long for the endless advertisements for similar products and “suggestions,” to inundate every level of advertising pings my ‘smart’ phone was built for.

The Duck Duck Go marketing declaration, “We don’t track you!” is complete horseshit. And I won’t even get into the play-on-words of duck duck goose.

Fuck you Duck Duck Go, fuck you Google, and fuck everyone who believes we live in a free, open, ‘democratic’ society.

[see Politician]

I’m a dupe — a stooge, a puppet, and douchebag. I’ve been played by the system, just like everyone else, and I hate myself for being this completely fucking stupid.

I shout out to the world that I need things like a “MacBook” to be creative — to write books, make art, and communicate my talents to the world!

But do you know what I really need?

A fucking pencil and paper.

And the desire to never again consider trading my talents to procure the bullshit fiat currency that’s meant to keep me in perpetual bondage.

[insert Barter emoticon here]

We used to write shit in clay tablets so the ideas would endure the test of time. The “electronic” age has taught us that “reality” can be amended over the course of a weekend, by scrubbing URL links that don’t conform with the official narrative.

[See the 11th Edition of NewSpeak]

On the topic of clay, I’m gonna watch Ghost again before I pass out, and maybe sing “Unchained Melody” to myself as I weep uncontrollably before bed.

Time to brush up on my cuneiform…

“Vaccine” Insanity — More Harm Than Good

I have much better things to do with my time than write this post, but it would be unconscionable of me if I don’t make some kind of effort to open at least ONE fucking mind to the insanity we’re being saturated with on a daily basis.

I wrote a piece many moons ago to explain how statistical spin will “prove” whatever narrative the Main Stream Media is peddling.

If you need a refresher, read it here.

In that essay, I went straight to an official source and crunched the true numbers of how effective the new (novel), experimental, emergency-approved gene therapy treatment (aka COVID “vaccine”) actually was. I don’t know if I opened any eyes after publishing that one, so that’s why we’re here again today.

A SHITLOAD more information has come to light since then — information so upsetting, disturbing, and criminal, that I can’t just sit around and watch this insane world burn without another attempt to open some minds to the endless lies fostered upon us.

The information comes from The Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

There’s a full PDF I would love for you to read, but since I’m realistic, knowing the bombardment of stupidity on our electronic devices has retarded society’s attention span to that of a mayfly with down syndrome, I have the next best thing to share…

Here is a video summary of that document.

If that link doesn’t work, use this…

Yeah, it’s forty minutes.

If your health and well-being mean so little to you that you can’t take less than an hour away from trolling Facebook, Instagram, or a fight scene with John Wick slaughtering 40 or more humans, well, there’s a good chance humanity’s been lost already.

I didn’t mean to sound like an ass there, but if we don’t invest in ourselves, and wake up to the bullshit we’ve ingested all our lives, we will forever be at the mercy of psychopaths who DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART!!

Benevolent aliens ain’t comin’ to save us. Nor do I see a return of the Lord Almighty any time soon to smack some sense into the unethical, immoral, and hateful practices we’ve adopted over the centuries.

If you haven’t figured out by now, compliance does not set you free. The goalposts will forever keep getting pushed farther and farther back. Your passports ain’t goin’ away, your masks ain’t goin’ away, and your twice-annual boosters are right around the corner. Every time you acquiesce to another insane and illogical protocol of an insane world agenda, you’re one step farther from freedom, and 10 steps closer to fully understanding what it would be like to live in George Orwell’s “fictional” dystopia.

Watch the vid. Then re-watch it. Then read the PDF. Then read it again. Then share with as many people as you can. Yeah, it’s very possible that trying to awaken the deeply hypnotized might prove to be a futile quest, but the effort is worthy, nonetheless. The untapped potential of the human spirit is worth fighting for.

Worst case scenario, I’ll see you in a covid concentration camp.

I call top bunk.


Get Yer Shit Together Already…

Well, it took 8 months longer than I anticipated, but the new book has officially been submitted for publishing! Now comes the ever-dicey “review” by the overlords at Amazon. With the insane censorship in place these days, I can’t possibly predict what’ll happen. But I got away with dozens of politically incorrect sentiments in my last tome without issue, and I even removed the “Suck My Balls, Amazon!” subliminal message I buried on the front cover of the new book just to hedge my bets. I guess my only concerns are the chapters where I mentioned fake viruses, phony holocausts, and being a fan of Hitler. Oh well, what’s done it done. Actually, I’m pretty sure the fascist social media algorithms currently in place only target “offenders” who get too many views posting ideas that go against the mainstream narrative. It’s extremely unlikely I’ll ever have a “popularity” problem, haha. Always best to stay under the radar.

I’ve been derelict in writing new blog posts, and for that I apologize, but my attention has solely been focused upon the new book (yeah, right, if you believe that, you’re a stupid motherfucker).

Okay, truthfully, though I have been writing steadily, I’ve also been obsessed with getting my boat on the water. Renovations take time, and you can only do so much work in a week when you still remain guiltily obliged to work 30 hours or more in the slave-job you thought you quit…

Let’s review how that transpired…

Mike (drunk on the patio on his day off): Dude, I’m quitting next year on April 10th to work on my boat full-time next summer. That gives you nine month’s notice to find a new kitchen manager. Losers who unexpectedly impregnate their girlfriends don’t get that much warning.

Boss: That’s fair.

9 months later…

Boss: You were serious?

Fuck. I guess I shoulda seen that coming…

Boss: Can you at least help out on Friday and Saturday till we find some staff? We need you, Mike!

Mike: Fine, for 2 months, then I’m done.

2 months later…

Boss: Mike, I really need you Sundays. We are fucked! Just for a bit…

Mike (heavy sigh): Okay, just until you hire people.

Well, it’s fucking September and the only people we’ve hired rightfully belong in mental institutions. Not because they’re depraved in thought and mind like I am, but because they’re TOO FUCKING STUPID TO LIVE!

Sorry. I find venting helpful. And if I sound wrong for wanting to kill those idiot motherfuckers, or at least jam a paring knife into my temple to end the pain of my interaction with humans who should have been aborted as fetuses, just fucking deal with it without judging me too much. I’ll take some deep breaths in the next few moments, and my grief and stress will quickly become forgotten.

As I was about to get into some philosophical rant about how much I actually love my bosses, and would probably bend over backwards for them till the end of time to help their business, my computer just pinged me…

A message from Amazon… the new book is live!

Fuck yeah!

But don’t buy anything yet. Gimme a couple weeks to sort out typos and compile the E-book. I’ll send out an official “New Book Party” memo in the near future, although the new book party will likely be me drinking alone on my sailboat.

I’ll finish my train of thought about guilt, responsibility, and choice another time, but, for now, I’m gonna go seek out a heroin dealer to celebrate.

Haha, just kidding.

I’m looking for crack.

Navigating the Road Ahead…

Always best to start with the basics…

In order to move forward, it’s helpful to know where you are.

And, just as importantly, to know where you’ve been. Without those fundamental perspectives, “elsewhere” is rather meaningless.

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