“Vaccine” Insanity — More Harm Than Good

I have much better things to do with my time than write this post, but it would be unconscionable of me if I don’t make some kind of effort to open at least ONE fucking mind to the insanity we’re being saturated with on a daily basis.

I wrote a piece many moons ago to explain how statistical spin will “prove” whatever narrative the Main Stream Media is peddling.

If you need a refresher, read it here.

In that essay, I went straight to an official source and crunched the true numbers of how effective the new (novel), experimental, emergency-approved gene therapy treatment (aka COVID “vaccine”) actually was. I don’t know if I opened any eyes after publishing that one, so that’s why we’re here again today.

A SHITLOAD more information has come to light since then — information so upsetting, disturbing, and criminal, that I can’t just sit around and watch this insane world burn without another attempt to open some minds to the endless lies fostered upon us.

The information comes from The Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

There’s a full PDF I would love for you to read, but since I’m realistic, knowing the bombardment of stupidity on our electronic devices has retarded society’s attention span to that of a mayfly with down syndrome, I have the next best thing to share…

Here is a video summary of that document.

If that link doesn’t work, use this…


Yeah, it’s forty minutes.

If your health and well-being mean so little to you that you can’t take less than an hour away from trolling Facebook, Instagram, or a fight scene with John Wick slaughtering 40 or more humans, well, there’s a good chance humanity’s been lost already.

I didn’t mean to sound like an ass there, but if we don’t invest in ourselves, and wake up to the bullshit we’ve ingested all our lives, we will forever be at the mercy of psychopaths who DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART!!

Benevolent aliens ain’t comin’ to save us. Nor do I see a return of the Lord Almighty any time soon to smack some sense into the unethical, immoral, and hateful practices we’ve adopted over the centuries.

If you haven’t figured out by now, compliance does not set you free. The goalposts will forever keep getting pushed farther and farther back. Your passports ain’t goin’ away, your masks ain’t goin’ away, and your twice-annual boosters are right around the corner. Every time you acquiesce to another insane and illogical protocol of an insane world agenda, you’re one step farther from freedom, and 10 steps closer to fully understanding what it would be like to live in George Orwell’s “fictional” dystopia.

Watch the vid. Then re-watch it. Then read the PDF. Then read it again. Then share with as many people as you can. Yeah, it’s very possible that trying to awaken the deeply hypnotized might prove to be a futile quest, but the effort is worthy, nonetheless. The untapped potential of the human spirit is worth fighting for.

Worst case scenario, I’ll see you in a covid concentration camp.

I call top bunk.